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The Luckiest Woman In The World

By: Angel
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My husband hurt his back since Novemeber of last year. We started off with doctors who said it was a strain, and when his condition got worse , then the doctor decided to get an MRI and send him to a specialist. They said he has a herniated disk so they tried the shots with little to no effect. After all of this time, they finally decided to do surgery. As the surgery date draws nearer, the more anxious he becomes. In my heart, i know it is all of the stress and worry. I've been trying to keep him focused on other things, but it's hard. I started feeling that he was pulling away and even though the distance is pretty short, as an Empath it feels like we are miles apart.

We started talking today and he told me that he was going to tell the doctor to have me in the operating room while he was in there. I started laughing because i thought it was a joke and then he looked at me and said he wasn't joking. He wasn't going to go in there unless I am by his side. At that moment all of the miles seemed to disappear. I began to see how scared and vulnerable he really is right now and of all the people, including his mom a 20 year surgical nurse vet, he wanted me with him. There's no words to describe how I feel, so many questions, so many emotions i have spent decades concealing.He needs me, but moreso, I need him. For the first time i'm sharing something with him that i never thought anyone but another empath could feel. It's a really good feeling and i feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

04/27/11 10:23:59PM @angel:

Thanks Dinky for sharing, I feel alot better knowing that someone else I know has gone through this and had made it out alright, though i wish you didn't have to through it, i wish noone did. In fact, what you mentioned in one of my biggest fears...what if they miss it and paralyse him? But his doctor i guesse is second in the state, i wish i could say the same about his staff,lol, but, his is also in between L4 and L5 so it would be the same area and he has the shooting pains down the leg like you did.5 hours is a long time, wow, i don't know how long his will be, we'll find out Monday, but I am glad that you made it through and it has helped. Thanks again for sharing, i feel alot more at ease now, and thank you for the positive energy, he really needs it now:)

Blessed Be,


04/27/11 10:24:41PM @angel:

Thank Smokeydragonlady, I really appreciate it

Blessings, Hun

04/28/11 08:07:07AM @angel:

Emilie, thank you , your the second person who has survived the surgery, that i have talked to an has made out alright, this is really encouraging, it's making me feel a lot more at ease about the whole thing. :)

We are defeintly doing the what if's,lol, but i'm also passing these along to him and it seems to be helping his anxiety as well. I'm really glad that it was positive result for you and that are doing well.

Thanks again :)

04/28/11 08:08:19AM @angel:
Thanks everyone for your help , support and energy, it's very much appreciated:)I wish you many blessings in return:)