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Away with Panic

By: Angel
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i am light
i am one to strong to fight
return to dark where shadows dwell
you can not have this halliwell

(no longer caged within your cell)
go away and leave my sight
and take with thee this endless night

(charmed spell to get rid of the woogie man)

Below is my own spell to help me rid the panic attacks i've been having

No more shadows, no more bane

no more panic no more shame

I banish your power, I banish your pain

away with your curse, away with your reign.

From this day forth i'm free of your hold

I now take back all that you stole

My passion, my power return to thee

so i may live my life happy and free.

As thy will so shall it be,

no harm or consequencw to none, so mote it be!

Thank you Halliwells for reminding my of the power within!