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And Who Said Psychics Can't Help Find Missing People

By: Angel
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For Those of You who are interested or have been working on the psychic detective groups or fields or even freelance, this is proof that these readings DO make a differance. Once in awhile you will see the fruit of your labor and anything truly is possible. Keep up the good work, because in cases like the one underneath, it dous help . Never give up!!!


Dive teams have been searching Tempe Town Lake for missing Willie Jigba, 24 since Wednesday. This morning a body was recovered from the lake.

Tempe Police Sgt. Steve Carbajal said the body has not been identified and no family has been notified.

Kristi Smith from Arizona Serch and Rescue along with Kelly Snyder founder of Find Me had five separate alerts with SAR cadaver dogs in the lake on Wednesday. Dive teams were seen in the water at the lake Wednesday and Thursday but it was Friday morning that the body was discovered.

It is unknown at this time if the body is that of Willie Jigba.

UPDATE: Body has been confirmed to be Willie Jigba

UPDATE: Four separate psychics put Willie Jigba in that water. LE confirmed that his phone pinged on the bridge after our information was submitted. Kelly Snyder of Find Me and Kristi Smith of Arizona Search and Rescue took the cadaver dogs out in a boat on the lake and on 5 separate occasions the dogs alerted to a human cadaver scent. After informing Law Enforcement they brought in a Dive Team that began searching on Wednesday late afternoon until the evening and all day on Thursday. The lead Diver woke up this morning and decided to go back out and found the body 30 feet from where Kristi Smith and Kelly Snyder had marked the area of the scent.

01/29/11 11:52:44AM @roxanne:

I like the idea of a network expanding different states so that group can do own footwork before alerting LE.

I believe, as you believe.

Prayers out to the family of Willie Jigba.

01/29/11 11:54:41AM @roxanne:

Wonder how to train cadaver dogs. I heard they can tell difference between human and animal decomp.

any links on how to train dogs??? I have a dog who would have been great (she's all NOSE and SMELLS) but she's older now. Let me know if you come across any good links on how to train dogs for search work.

Thanks, Angel.