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Another Journey

By: Angel
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OMG! I am SOOO excited but I had to share this awesome story with you! Ok, so I saved a little money and left my job in March in order to try to pursue my dream and that is building a business doing angel readings. This is a huge leap of faith as I am the sole provider for the 5 of us. The dream is actually bigger then that but I have to start somewhere. To he plan was to go onto my old site and start doing video chat readings, since I started doing well with it 3 years ago. I probebly shouldn't have even left but that's another story. So I went back to the site and the only paid readings I seemed to get where from perverts who didn't want a reading, they wanted me to strip. There is no way in hell I was going to do that, if I wanted to be an adult entertainer, I would be elsewhere not on a psychic site! GEESSHHH! how lame are these people...anyway's, so I prayed. I'm scared because there is no way I can make this work. And then I got an e-mail from this place that was doing recruitment for a whole lot of psychics. I looked into it and almost walked away but something told me to do it, so I did. They called for an interview because I also wanted to do phone and video. I choked. For some reason our energies did not mix well, but she hired me for video chat, since I guess they didn't require a test reading first. I was a bit worried because the site is really slow. I got a few paid readings, but it's not going to be enough. I'm getting worried and can't tell you how many times I thought about throwing in the towel. This doesn't include all the spiritual attacks we have been under since starting this. It's almost like a spiritual battleground, Angels fighting for me and demons fighting against me, lol. Yesterday I went to a web-site that I often go to get free angel card readings. It's computerized but since I know how to read those cards, it can be quite accurate. So I go to the and I'm inspired to have a vision for where I want to take this. I looked at one of the tabs and it led me to a video. It was last week's video Angel reading forecast and I felt drawn to listen. So, ok, if they are telling me to listen to it, then it must be important. So I listened to it and I swear that reading was for me! WOW! (Now I know it was because the video was gone this morning). But I also noticed the deck she used and it was Doreen Virtue's Angel tarot deck. I was immedietly drawn in. I went to youtube to look at more reviews and see if I could get a better connection. Then I found the ArchAngel Power Tarot and now I was excited! I wasn't for sure which deck though that they wanted me to have. So today I went to a bookstore and they only had the Angel Tarot, so my husband and I went to a metaphysical store in the next town to see if they had it. The owner just stared at me as my husband I walked in. I guess me energy was strong,haha. So anyway's they didn't have the deck so we picked up a smudge stick and paid for it. As we were beginning to leave I noticed the psychic there had also been staring at me. It wouldn't have been to strange if we were the only people, but there was quite a few other people there. Anyway's so we left and I called another bookstore and again the only one they had was the Angel Tarot. So I'm like ok, I guess this is the deck they want me to have, so I bought the deck and brought it home. I told them that I would need a serious crash course because I didn't have months to learn this. So I opened it and started shuffeling the deck. I got a few cards that seems to be accurate but the energy felt to confusing, which is the problem I had with the tarot. I decided to do something I never do and that was to read the book, at least to see if there was some theme or pattern to it. Nope, didn't work so I thought, what if I seperate the major and minor cards. I could use the major to give me a more specific direction and the minor cards will just giveme a more overall feel for the major cards. Come to find, Doreen Virtue does the same exact thing!! hahaha. So I started going the past present and future spread. It came out so easy but I soon realized that the future cards were only telling me what would happen if I continued my current path, and had no resolution, so then I was guided to grab my arch angel oracle deck and sure enough, it completeld the whole reading completely beuatifully and also showed me that the future was not carved in stone. This was their message on how to proceed and even change it if needed in a positive way! It was so beautiful! So I did myself and then my husband. I got to practice with it a little but I really think this is a really positive direction for me!! I'm really excited, I just had to share !! !

05/27/15 05:37:16AM @paul:

Cool. I feel that you picked and are heading one path. Now just know that the future can always be changed. One of my dreams is to have a store where I sell services and crystals, etc. I make high energy selenite wands, work with Vortexes and occasionally read with Tarot. Not professionally but intuitively.