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Ok, it's time for some serious automatic writing and hopefully the Angels of God will give me some answers.

Ok, so I was changing the song on my player and when I wasn't thinking of anything I hear a child to my right. So I'm going to try and connect with her.

Who are you?


Why are you?

I'm scared.

Of Who?

The Shadows. I came her to warn you, they are coming. They are angry.


Your taking them away from them.

Right, their battery packs.

No, it's more then that. Look within your soul. Imagine it gone. The shadows are empty. They make the emptiness bigger. They feed the void with darkness. There is no more greater darkness then within the human soul. When the soul is dead, it is dead.

But it's all energy so it can't go away, just change.

Once it's changed the emotions leave, the memories leave, there is nothing left and that energy becomes dark. It becomes part of the void. The void consumes. It's dark, it's scary because it's nothing. Imagine living in nothing.

Your describing what many call hell.

They become prisoners.

I just saw a white orb outside my window. That's not usually good sign.

Remember love. That's why you are getting all of these memories. You remember what heaven feels like. You remember what it felt like to stay earthbound. Remember human life and the importance of it. Remember your pain, your joy, remember life. They are not after souls just to take souls, they are wanting to take life. And the best way to take life is by them desiring death. Sadness, apathy, meaningless exsistance, having no purpose.

You are light, you are the gatekeeper and you remind them of the light. You remind them of the better things of life. With each soul that crosses, the void cannot grow. It stay's the same. The smaller the void, the smaller the portal.

What happens when the souls go into the void?

They become of of them, the dark ones. The nothingness consumes their humanity until there is nothing left. They become the shadows.

I thought shadows were concentrated negative energy.

No, only a few. Most come from the void. This is what becomes of them when there is nothing left. Their job is to snuff the light from those who have life.

So why start when they are alive?

It is easier to break them down. When they die, they become what they left the earth as. It's easier because the will is to no longer care. This is why both jobs are equally important.

Who am I? You are one of them. You came from above. You came to join the fight. They know you. They sense you just as you sense them. You are just as dangerous to them as they are to you.

What happens to the earth, the physical realm when the portal is completely open?

You have seen the beginning results in the place you call home. Death, destruction, darkness, pain. This becomes the demise of mankind.

What about the law of free will? They can't change that.

No, but when a humans will is broken down they are so low they no longer care, and therefore freewill is non-exsistant. It's free-game, as they call it. Whoever get's to that soul first, get's the soul, but when a soul is so dark, it's almost impossible for the light to get close enough.

This is some heavy duty stuff your talking about.

It's nothing you didn't already know. You were't drawn to the game without reason. You had a purpose. You think now about what you could do that would be great enough to actually make a change. Back then, it didn't matter, the only thing you knew is that you had to at least try. It's that spirit that will keep mankind alive. It's this spirit that will keep the void from fully opening. You are drawn to that show for a reason, but this is on a much greater scale and everyone who is called in needed . In the end, mankind must make a decision, one soul at a time. That is why that fire was so strong when you were young. You thought you couldn't make a difference. But you already have. Each and every soul that you crossed over. Each and every soul that your words have touched. Each soul has been touched by light and that light grows. Just as a fire, the fire can go either way, it can feed are grow brighter and brighter or it can die. Please remember this message. I am leaving now. I see my grandmother in the light. My mother and father will be coming to you one day. Tell them I am with Nana in the light and I am ok.

What is your name?

Amanda Henley.