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I've been having alot of visitors in my dreams the last month or so. But then again, I have been having alot of spiritual "deja vu's" feeling things I recognized from before but not really knowing what it is. I have no doubt that this is merely a symptom of reawaking.

The first dream I had was about 4 weeks ago. I had this dream of my Guardian Angel literally "crashing" my dream! It was a little off, but it was nice to know he was letting me know I was being watched over.

Then a week and half after that I had another dream. It was a demon, though in my dream he was saying he was satan. I walked past him when I noticed him. He told me that I was a Nephilium and that God would never accept me because of my gifts. I kind of ignored him and the dream . I walked out of the house and there was a carnaval ride. This lady was trying to climb out of it and instinctively I placed a protective shield around her before I woke up.

Last night, my husband told me to remember to put a protective shield around everyone and the house before I went to sleep. We stayed up really late and needless to say I forgot, even though I knew something was there. I went to sleep and the spirit came into my dream. It was creepy, weird, like I could see my side, but I was also channeling him and could see it through his eyes, and he seemed higher then a kite. I knew he was on something, but it wasn't a drug that anyone had heard of before. So I tried to get away from him, and then ended up in a place where there were more. But the second one was like him, solid. They seemed more annoying then anything but I knew they were dangerous and were capable of killing people. I finally woke up and it's been a long time since I'd been that scarred. I felt the presance of someone in the house and there were creepers (little shadow creepy crawlers) around my face and neck. I forced myself to get the courage to cleanse. I must have called upon every Angel in heaven, God and everyone in the higher realms,lol. I started placing protective shields around everyone and finally had enough strength to give it the boot. I told my husband about the dream and he told me when he woke up he saw a man standing over me and described the male in my dream to a T. I asked him why he didn't wake me up, he said because he didn't want to wake me and he saw it so quick, he wasn't even sure he really saw. I don't think that will happen again,lol.

I always know when I have an intruder in my dream, more specifically a spirit because it's always vivid and they are always solid. Their energy is always stronger then any energy in the dream, it's kind of strange but I always seem to know the difference between a dream and them.

I'm beginning to remember now why I started shutting down, or at least some of the reasons for it. I watch alot of Long Island Medium and I see so many Mediums who talk to the crossed over spirits, and wished I could do that, but I'm beginning to understand that I'm not much like Thersa, I'm more like Melinda, I get all the creepy earthbound and lost souls. I don't know why, but this is my calling. I have come to the conclusion that I have been haunted by earthbound spirits probebly since the day I was born and I will be haunted by them til the day I am gone. The earthbound spirits I can handle, but I'm still trying to figure out why the non-human spirits try so hard to trip me up. They don't always lie, in fact, they enjoy telling the truth alot because it makes us doubt what is truest to our hearts. I also know they don't want me to do readings. I don't know why. I don't know if other Mediums are constantly under "spiritual attack." I place some heavy duty protections around us and they work well, but it literally feels like I am in the middle of some weird spiritual war zone! I can't stop doing what I do because I feel it so strong but I do remember why I have been pushing my gifts away. It's something I have been struggeling with my entire life. I've come to the conclusion a few years ago that no matter how detached I become, they still come. .The only differance is that I can't feel them or sense them as clearly. Where as before I knew exactly what I was dealing with, right now, I get bits and pieces. I should have seen the man, my husband saw him and he' s not even psychic , but I didn't see him until I was asleep and he came in my dream. For some reason my perception is stronger in my dreams. It doesn't stop, no matter what I do it won't stop. So if fate comes in and it can be changed, what do you do? You accept your path, your calling and you make a plan.

All I know is I need to figure this stuff out and quick!