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Distrurbing Dream

By: Angel
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My husband and I were watching Ancient Aliens this morning. It's one of his favorite shows, it's a good exchange since I am not a huge fan, but in return I get to watch Ghost Whisperer, a show he utterly hates. He wanted us to lay down a take a nap. I was tired but a bit resistant. Usually is I nap when I'm really tired I will sleep for a long time and then I wasted the afternoon without getting anything really done. So I told him to keep the tv on I wouldn't go into a deep sleep. I feel into a deeper sleep anyway's. I don't really remember most of the dream but towards the end I was in a room and this demon looking thing came out of nowhere when I walked past. In my dream I knew him to be satan, but for some reason I wasn't scared. He just looked at me and said "you know, he's never going to accept you, your a nephalum or nephillum. No matter how much good you do, that won't change who you are. It's just how it is." I walked away kind of blowing him off and then I was trying to wake up. I walked outside and kept trying to open my eyes. I couldn't open them well, but I saw a carnival ride really high up. It was like a cage that would spin and would hold 6 or 7 people. It was supposed to spin slowly but it started going really fast and all the people in the cage fell on each other. It was weird because I remembered that moment and it felt like a memory. Then an older lady was trying to run to a small opening and hung her head out, I think, it also looked like she was trying to crawl out of the ride because it was spinning so fast. She fell out and was hanging on to a metal bar. She was going to fall and die, but I still couldn't keep my eyes open, so I quickly threw a protective shield around her and the the others in the cage. As soon as I did that I heard a police car driving by and then I woke up.

Granted, Ancient Aliens was on still, but I always know when a spirit enter's my dreams. Their energy is always specific, more solid and I remember everything. I'm not really sure what this spirit was trying to accomplish, maybe to derail me or make me second guess God or doing what I do.I know that demons often lie, but they often tell us the truth as well, especially if they are trying to make us second guess God, making it seem like he is hiding secrets or something. They way see it , is that maybe I am descended from Angels, how cool is that! Maybe a half breed, but cool all the same. Kind of fitting for my online name Mystic Angel,lol. But his "message" didn't bother me at all, he didn't scare me, I should have been quaking, but wasn't. think I knew he wasn't there to physically hurt me, knew he was after my soul, and t makes me realize how solid really am n my belief system. I always knew was here for a very long time and always felt drawn to the earth. I have also seen what I believe to be a form of heaven. I know God is with me and I know that he helps me, so if am such an evil creature and I will never be accepted, then why does he keep helping me out? I guess whatever the reason, it didn't work. It's not the first time they have come to bring doubt.

My biggest concern was the woman. I don't know if it was a premonition, but hope the protection around her helped. I will post if I ever find out myself.

04/10/15 03:46:46PM @paul:

Angel, I get it to be a memory. So what if you were one of those. All that left following the red guy can do what he did; RETURN and be accepted bact to Source. Don't fall for what it said, just know where it is you are going. I don't feel you are heading the wrong way at all. After all, it is a choice, YOU CHOICE!