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Gaining perspective

By: Angel
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I often dream of a place that is not in this world. In this land each sunrise truely is a new beginning filled with endless possibilities. Through the veils I am granted the ability to see glimpes, yet it never seems truely attainable. In my dreams am I allowed to enter the doorway, but in waking hours it comes to serve only my memory of what I no longer have. Some would call this place heaven. I have no name for it. I just know that it is home. They mystical land where healing waters flow naturally. Up high in the mountains lies the sacred land of the Gods. Time doesn't really exist here. I've carried this place in my heart ever since I can remember. The visions serve the purpose of not forgetting. I feel it calling to me, becoming me to follow.

I have been told many times to "remember". Is this what I am to remember? As a human, I feel bound by the laws of the earth, but as a Mystic, I have no bounds. I am truly free. It makes we wonder why I would leave such a place to come here. I know I have come here for a specific reason, I have spent my entire life trying to find that reason. I have traveled through many veils, some filled with light, but many filled with darkness and dispair. One that I would not have access to if I were to come back home, for such a place does not exsist in the realm of lost souls.

When I was younger my desire, my passions were strong. I have felt lost for some time now. I traveled the path of self discovery, but the longer I am on this path, the more lost I become. I am constantly plagued with the feeling that I am wasting time, not fulfilling my purpose, wasting to much time on seeking answers. My desire for knwoelge seemed to overshadow my innoscence, and with that knowledge, the light slowly began to find. Some would call this a reality check, but in this depths of my soul, I know that the reality I live in in this world is but only one of a million realities, none of it real anyway's. This world is yet another veil for those who are not in it. Those on the outside must see the pain, the grief, yet must also see the things we don't see, which makes them want to come here.

I have discovered that certain areas of my world I do have a little access to, only a small few, areas that I often astral project to and often used for a specific purpose. One in particular, one that I have written a blog about called "the pools of Avalon". The results manifest quite well in this reality.

It just dawned on me, that when I was younger, there was no veil, no seperation between one world or the other. I used not have to meditate, it just "was", but now I have to concentrate, think about it. It's still easy to go from one to the other, and maybe that is why they call to me, because I can still hear them. Maybe they call to me before it is to late.

When I started researching the paranormal and my mediumship, I realized that one of my biggest fears was that I was crazy for seeing, feeling and living in a world that noone else could see or experience. This place is my light and when I walked away,I lost my knowing, I lost my faith in it, it became so dark and I became lost. These small glimpse of knowing, and hearing the call, and remembering this sacred place, I can't turn away from it. I'm beginning to understand now how I have gotten where I am now. So tonight and for several more nights, I will take some time to rediscover my home, taking time to remember where I came from. I will blog more on this. But thank you for reading :)