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@angel • one month ago • comments: 9
Commented on My dreams are getting worse:
"This post is about 2 years old, so you may not get a response"
@angel • one month ago • comments: 0
Responded to "What Are Your Favorite Empath/Medium/Psychic Movies?" in Empath
"I watch alot of Dead Files because I work the same type of Spirits and it's fun picking up on stuff and then getting it validated. I think Amy at times is a..."
@angel • one month ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Please Take An Empath Poll..." in Empath
"1- no, though when I was younger I was a night owl. 2, YES! I'm always tossing and turning."
@angel • one month ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Conflicted" in Empath
"I think what you are seeking is feeling your own individuality. Most Empath's has a clear or crystal soul, which turns us into chameleons. We channel other..."


12/18/09 11:19:04PM @roxanne:

04/02/10 03:52:07PM @roxanne:

10/24/10 07:24:23PM @roxanne:
Everything is going to be OK
The Importance of Being Jonny
12/03/10 10:03:06PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:
The Importance of Being Jonny
03/28/11 06:25:38PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:
Nocturne's Angel
10/05/11 12:03:02AM @nocturnes-angel:
The Importance of Being Jonny
01/26/13 07:00:43PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

You have 111 comments. I will be the 112th. :)

Hi Angel.

The Importance of Being Jonny
03/11/13 06:14:30PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

I'm just seeing your comment, and I'm just seeing my comment, haha. I'm doing well. Hope you are too.

11/04/13 03:19:27PM @devonearth:
Hi angel! I'd love to hear more of what you're picking up on! Thanks for the friendship!
star love~pritha~ dancing love-
08/05/15 11:31:05AM @star-lovepritha-dancing-love:

Hi angel, hope you are okay. I am visiting the site after a long time, and I am hoping if someone could really help me right now. I need someone to give me a reading, are you available, I have some small thing I need some clarity on. hope you are doing well, see you !

09/11/15 09:50:00PM @rene:
Can someone please replain to me how and what I will be learning in the group
03/29/16 08:03:06PM @greendream:

Hi Angel,

Do you only do tarot card readings? I was trying to schedule a question email reading but I wasn't sure if the payment was going through for the right order. Please accept my friend request and/or send me a private message.


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