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By Amy3, 2015-04-02
I have never written a blog before so I'm not sure how to do this. Let's just see where it takes me. Once I was able to put into words what I am so many things became obvious. I never realized before how much the strength of someone's energy can vary from person until I recognized what it was.. There are some who question you just as much as you question them. I have only told one person about being an empath. I can feel another persons acceptance level and where their limit is. For instance I know immediately who I can trust and who I can't if I feel what iI can only desdescribe as a dense fog around someone that sends red flags. Something is off and I can't put my finger on it but I'm watching that person around me and those close to me. I am not quite sure how aura worksiI can't see them but I can feel a difference if someone one has questionable motives, or something is a miss they have a distinct feel to them but people with light in them almost glow warmth and vitality their smile is almost contagious. I have no idea if these things have to do with being an empath I am still figuring it all out.
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