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The best shielding technique EVER!

By Amaya, 2010-03-11

How do I turn this thing off??? It's the most commonly-asked question, right?

I was about to respond to a forum post today with some answer like, "I don't even bother to try to shield anymore; it's too hard." Then I was going to come out with some pithy wisdom about acceptance of others' points of view, proactively recognizing the feelings of others, letting those emotions just move through you like you're made of water, and some such like that.

Then I realized that I, in fact, do shield myself all the time. Every day. But I don't use the bubble technique or the white light or the eight arms or whatever other method that requires any kind of my concentration, because I really don't have any concentration and that makes the shielding techniques too hard for me to keep up for a long-enough period of time to make the effort worth it. Not to mention that I need shielding while I sleep; I first realized that I was an empath when one of my meth-addicted friends kept waking me up in the middle of the night purely through the power of her paranoid thoughts.

I read about this little trick (see picture below) many years ago in a book on shamanism, and I've been using it ever since. I've taught it to two empaths that I know, and they both have been amazed at how well it works. I have no idea HOW it works, only that it does work. It's the easiest thing ever, and I can even use it when I sleep. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Does it work for you?

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Note: This blog entry is now part of a series on psychic development. Find the index for the series here.

Doing a past-life retrieval is easy, once you get the hang of it. Here are the basic steps that I use, which you can modify to fit your tastes:

1. Get ready to meditate. Go to your favorite chair, put on your favorite music - whatever it is that you do.

2. Get really relaxed. You can imagine a warm liquid filled with light slowly moving down your body, relaxing all of your muscles as it goes, or whatever works for you. I use the same thing all the time - swirling colors through each chakra to clean them out. Get totally relaxed.

3. Go to your special place. I have a few special places that I go to when I begin my meditations. One of them is a beach, where I usually sit on a big rock in the sun.

4. Call your spirit guideto help you with traveling into past lives. I have several spirit guides. There's one in particular that tends to show up when I want to travel into past lives, but some people only have one spirit guide that works with them on everything. Whoever shows up when you call specifically for a past-life guide is the one you want. So, just pay attention to the sensations that you get after your call, and try to get as much detail about your guide as possible. A name or title or some other way to address them is pretty much necessary, so get that figured out. I call mine "the woodsman" and that works just fine.

5. Make a doorway appear in your special place. Announce in your meditation that when you go through the doorway, you will be inthe past life most in need of healing at this time. Take your guide's hand or arm or whatever, and go through the doorway.

6. Pay attention to what's going on. Try to figure out the story. Sometimes you'll be inundated with images, sounds, and feelings, and sometimes everything will be quiet. Watch what's happening, or find someone that you can talk with (including your spirit guide) and start asking questions. You should be able to recognize yourself and the other important characters and elements of the story. Remember, this is essentially your own memory, so let the recollection come to you. It may take a few seconds, just like when you're looking at old photos of yourself that you haven't seen in a long time.

7. Figure out what happened. Typically, if there's a part of you that's stuck in a past life (I usually don't see past lives that turned out peachy-keen), something bad happened. Figure out what that was and why you'd be stuck there. Grieve, if necessary, but try to move through it as quickly as possible. The hard part is next.

8. Convince your past life self to move on. This is where you have to get imaginative. Do whatever it is that you think would convince the past life self to move into the light (imagine some light and it will appear). It's the intent that really counts here. You can just explain the situation rationally - hey, you're dead, time to move on now - and sometimes that works. You can invoke people from your past self's life that have passed on, like family members, the lover, the child, whatever it takes. Have these people help you to convince the past you to come into the light with them. Sometimes your past selves won't move on because of someone else that's also stuck there. Go ahead and get that person too, and whoever else is obviously stuck there, and get them all moving toward the light together. You can ask your guide for advice or clarification of what you're seeing and doing at any point in the process.

9. Check in. After it seems like it's done, check in with yourself and your guide to make sure that the crossing worked and that you did everything that you needed to do in this retrieval session. If not, go back and repeat some steps. If so, move on to the next step.

10. Check out. Go back through the doorway or find some other method of coming back to yourself. Be with yourself for a few minutes. Often you will be emotional afterward. Ground and clear. If you're feeling good and still have more time, you can go back in after another one. I find that I can't do more than about two in a row before I need to rest.

So, that's it. Maybe not as easy as I think it is, but it becomes so with practice. You just have to get the feel of it.

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How to become a reader

By Amaya, 2010-03-01

1. Get friendly with your spirit guides. Your spirit guides are sort of like your interface, your translators, for the information that you will receive from "the beyond". (Yes, I know it's Professor Trelawney cheeseball, but I can't think of any better description.)

2. Start asking them questions about stuff. Sometimes they'll talk to you, sometimes they'll show you situations sort of like in picture or movie-ish form, and sometimes they'll introduce you to other spirit guides that will either talk to you or show you stuff. At least, that's how it works for me. And when I say "talk" and "show", I don't know that I actually am seeing or hearing anything. For me, it's sort of like the information just shows up in my mind, kind of like what it's like when you are recalling a memory of a movie that you watched. It's different for everyone, I think. I get particular physical sensations when I have a strong connection.

3. Start writing down your impressions in your journal. If you're going to be walking between the worlds, dumping into a journal on a regular basis is necessary.

4. Practice describing what you see without value judgments. Basically, relate exactly what you see. Get your opinions out of it as much as possible. Some things that you see won't make sense. Don't try to make them make sense. If you see a huge banana in a sailboat, you see a huge banana in a sailboat.

5. Start practicing on other people. I like to have a little ritual when I start a reading for someone else wherein I ask for only my and my read-ee's highest and best guidance to be present, and to be a clear channel for the information that we're about to receive. Then, ask the questions and start relating the answers. It takes some practice to get used to coming in and out of meditative or semi-meditative states to ask questions and relate the answers, so starting on friends can be helpful. For me, it's actually easier to read for complete strangers, because I have a tendency to editorialize (add information that's not there and insert value judgments) when I'm reading for friends. Close the reading by giving thanks to the guides that were present.

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How to meet your spirit guide

By Amaya, 2010-03-01

NOTE: This blog entry is now part of a series on psychic development. Find the index to the series here.

My opinion is that everyone has many spirit guides. Call them guardian angels if you like. I like to think of mine as my own personal board of directors, since each guide tends to work with me on certain areas of my life. I think that everyone receives guidance from their guides, but none of us receives that guidance in exactly the same way. People often have questions about how they might be able to contact their guides, and I usually recommend the video below as a good place to start. It doesn't work for everyone, and there are all kinds of reasons why that might be. I find sometimes that it's difficult for guides to assume the kind of form suggested in the video, so also be alert for any kind of "presence" when you get to that part.

I would recommend that before you begin the meditation, you announce aloud your intentions. For example, I might say, "In this meditation, I would like to meet with my highest and best guidance, the individual that works most closely with me in this lifetime."

Thanks to Michael Rynish for this great video...

And thanks to Sandy B, hostof the Spirit Guides & Guardian Angelsgroupfor this video:

Happy travels,

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