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NOTE: This blog entry is part of a series about psychic development. Find the index for the series here.

I can't think of what to write right now about why doing regular cleansing and clearing is so important, except to say that it just is. I'm a person that doesn't think much about protection and shielding when I do spiritual journeys, and I think that one of the reasons for thatmight bebecause I have learnedwhat my energy is supposed to feel like, and I now know how to clean it out when it picks up some gunk, whether here in the regular world, or in the spirit world. It's sort of like not making my guests take their shoes off when they come in. I own a broom and a mop, so I just don't worry about what might be tracked into my living room. It's a personal preference that isn't right for everyone, but it works for me.

I have sometimes mentioned here that I had theamazing opportunityto have a real live person mentoring me when I was in the process of trying to figure out how to get this empathy thing under control. For me, the answer was not to turn the volume on my abilities down, but way, way up. Almost exactly five years ago, my mentor (and now, friend)Sharon held her first "how to be a psychic" workshop class, in which she taught usthis meditation.I have done itnearly every time I meditate ever since. I just love it. She has given me permission to reproduce her work here (she's currently giving a course on astral travel on another site, and just posted this meditation for the group). I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Clearing and Energizing the Main Chakra Centers Meditation

Sit comfortably or lie down comfortably on your back for this meditation. I like to do this meditation before I go to sleep each night. I might suggest recording this meditation in your own voice, and play it back as you do this. When time permits, I hope to video record some of these meditations and add them to the group. But, in the meantime, it might be helpful to voice record it for yourself.

Begin with taking some deep breaths....

breath in for a count of 6....and breath out for a count of 6.....

....imagine breathing in relaxation, calm and peace.....and breathing out all tension, stress and worry....

.breath in relaxation, calmness and peace....

.breath out all tension, stress and worry....

.breath in relaxation, calmness and peace....

.breath out all tension and worry....

.and when you feel relaxed, bring your focus to the base of your spine, to the root chakra....and imagine a bright red wheel of light at the base of your spine, spinning in a clockwise direction.

Imagine spinning this wheel of light and bringing in bright, clear red light while you spin this wonderful wheel of light. And repeat to yourself, clearing, cleansing and energizing while spinning and spinning and spinning.....bringing in cleansing, healing, energizing energy to your root chakra. Feel the tingling of the energizing energy, as you focus on the healing energy. Continue doing this for 1 - 2 minutes.

Take note of any situations, thoughts that come to mind as you bring in the healing energy and cleanse and energize your root chakra. You might want to write the thoughts down as you continue with the meditation.

When you feel ready, bring your focus to below your naval, your sacral chakra....and imagine a bright orange wheel of light, spinning clockwise....and bring in bright orange light into your sacral chakra, spinning, cleansing, clearing and energizing....

Again, feel the tingling of the energizing energy, as you focus on the healing energy. Continue doing this for 1 - 2 minutes. Take note of any situations, thoughts that come to mind as you bring in the healing energy and cleanse and energize your sacral chakra.

And when you feel ready, bring your focus to just above your naval, to your solar plexus chakra....and imagine a bright yellow wheel of light, spinning clockwise....and bring in bright yellow light into your solar plexus chakra, spinning, cleansing, clearing and energizing....

Again, feel the tingling of the energizing energy, as you focus on the healing, energizing energy. Continue doing this for 1 - 2 minutes. Take note of any situations, thoughts that come to mind as you bring in the healing energy and cleanse and energize your solar plexus chakra.

And when you feel ready, bring your focus to the middle and back of your chest, to your heart chakra....and imagine a bright green wheel of light, spinning clockwise....and bring in bright green light into your heart chakra, spinning, cleansing, clearing and energizing....


Again, feel the tingling of the energizing energy, as you focus on the healing energy. Continue doing this for about 2 minutes. Take note of any situations, thoughts that come to mind as you bring in the healing energy and cleanse and energize your heart chakra. Make note of any past hurts that come to mind and may be healing with this meditation.

And again, when you feel ready, bring your focus to your throat area, to your throat chakra....and imagine a bright blue wheel of light, spinning clockwise....and bring in bright blue light into your throat chakra, spinning, cleansing, clearing and energizing....

Again, feel the tingling sensation of the energizing energy, as you focus on the healing, cleansing energy. Continue doing this for again 1 - 2 minutes. Take note of any situations and thoughts that come to mind as you bring in the healing energy and cleanse and energize your throat chakra, clearing the way for you to always speak your truth....

...And again when you feel ready, bring your focus to below the middle of your forehead, to your brow chakra, your third eye....and imagine a bright indigo colored wheel of light, spinning clockwise....and bring in bright indigo colored light into your brow chakra, spinning, cleansing, clearing and energizing....

Again, feel the tingling sensation of the energizing energy, as you focus on the healing, cleansing energy. Continue doing this for 1 - 2 minutes. Take note of any situations and thoughts that come to mind as you bring in the healing energy and cleanse and energize your brow chakra, clearing the way for you to see clearly in this life and beyond the veil....

...And again when you feel ready, bring your focus to top of your head, to your crown chakra....and imagine a bright violet wheel of light, spinning clockwise....and bring in bright violet light into your crown chakra, spinning, cleansing, clearing and energizing....

Again, feel the tingling sensation of the energizing energy, as you focus on the healing, cleansing energy. Continue doing this for again 1 - 2 minutes. Take note of any situations and thoughts that come to mind as you bring in the healing energy and cleanse and energize your crown chakra, clearing the way for your higher guidance and knowledge....

And when you're ready, move your attention to a few feet above your head...., imagine a beautiful, bright, spinning golden ball of light. And streaming into this ball of light is a beam of glorious, golden light reaching down from the Heavens.

Now imagine this spinning golden ball of light moving down and entering your energy field, filling your energy field and your physical body with a bright, spinning golden light, entering every cell of your body, and permeating your energy field.

Now imagine moving this golden ball of light down from your crown down your spine, down into your brow, lighting up all your chakras with bright golden energy as you go...down into your throat.....into your heart chakra.....down your spine into your solar plexus.....into your sacral chakra, and down into your base/root chakra, lighting up all your main chakras and all your minor chakras....

.now moving down your legs, and into your feet, and out of the bottom of your feet into the ground, and flowing out of you, from the heavens into the earth, filling the earth with healing, cleansing, golden light. Imagine filling up all the waters, all the lands with this beautiful, spinning, bright golden light streaming in from the Heavens through your being into the earth.

Your are the channel for this healing, cleansing, beautiful light and energy, healing yourself and healing your Mother Earth. Focus on streaming this beautiful, cleansing golden light for a minimum of 1 minute.

And when you're ready, slowly bring your attention back to your physical body, and back to your conscious mind, and back to what you are laying or sitting on.....sit with this feeling of your light filled mind, body and spirit for a moment.....

.now, slowly move your fingers, and slowly wiggle your feet.

Now, slowly open your eyes and thank your Higher Self for your experience.

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NOTE: This blog post is part of a series on psychic development. Find the index for the series here.

I wrote this "how to meet your spirit guide" post a long while ago, and while some people have liked the guided meditation format with the YouTube video, it hasn't worked for everyone. I recently received a request for a written, self-guided meditation, and this is what I came up with. This is basically the exact process I use to do readings, except that my intention statement (step 3) changes when I'm doing a reading for someone else, and my step 9 is quite a bit different, whichI'll talk a lot more aboutin the "Beyond the Pillars" segment of this workshop.

  1. For this meditation,you will need about an hour in which you will not be disturbed. Turn off the ringer on your telephone and put your computer to sleep. If you are using music, try to keep the volume low so that you will not be disturbed by the change of one song to another.
  2. Sit in an upright position in a comfortable chair. Keep your legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the floor. Do what feels right with your hands. You might want to lace your fingers together, or press them together as in prayer, or leave them apart with palms up (not down)either in your lap or on the arms of your chair.
  3. Before entering meditation, announce your intention. It works best if you actually say it out loud, but focusedthoughts work also. You might say something like, "I enter this meditation because I desire to meet my spirit guides (or spiritual guidance council, or guardian angels, or whatever you want to call them). I ask that only (this word is what will protect you from lower energies) my highest and best guidance be with me today. I ask to be able to perceive my guidesclearly, so that I may begin a conscious relationship with them (or whatever your intentions are for that day)."
  4. Enter meditation. Start by letting yourself relax. Focus your attention on relaxing each part of your body, starting with your head. I like to imagine that the light of the universe is raining down on me, and I follow it down my body as it soaks into all of my muscles. Relax the muscles in your scalp, then your forehead, then your eyes, your cheeks, your jaw, your mouth, your neck, your shoulders, and so on to your toes.
  5. During the scan of your body, you might notice that you have some energetic blockages, some places on your body that just feel a little weird. If you know some techniques for clearing blockages, clear them at this time. You might try the basic cleansing and clearing meditation.
  6. When you are totally relaxed and your body's energy is clean and clear, focus on your breath. Just observe yourself breathing. Don't try to breathe, just breathe. If you feel like taking a deep breath, do so. Allow your body to do what it does. If you are having trouble focusing on your breath, try counting your breaths. Counting backwards usually works the best. I generally, when I need to, count backwards from 12. If I'm not deep enough in meditation by the end of 12 breaths, I start back at 12 again. This isbasically just simple self-hypnosis.
  7. At some point, you'll sort of start feeling around in your no-thought space. A good metaphor is that you've dropped something on the floor in a dark room, and you're on your knees, feeling around for it with your hands. It's the same idea, except that you're feeling around for something with your mind, looking for "something" in your meditational space. It sometimes helps to call out to your guides by sending a focused thought into the darkness that you'd like your guides to please step forward now. If you ever played the swimming pool game "Marco Polo" as a kid,you can trysomething like that - call out your request, wait for an answer, move toward the answer, call out again, repeat.
  8. Once you've found something - it may take a while, so relax and focus on your breath while you're poking around - focus your attention on it. Ask yourself basic questions about it. Is it a male presence, or a female presence? Does it feel young, or old? Is it big, or small? Is it cold, or hot? Is it light, or dark? Greet the presence. Introduce yourself and tell the presence about what you're doing there, what your intention is. How does the presence respond to you? What kind of thoughts pop into your head after you introduce yourself? Do you see pictures? (I don't actually "see" anything, by the way- it's more like I just suddenly know whatthings looks like, if that makes sense.) Do you hear words or music? See memories from your life? How does being with this presence make you feel?
  9. One of the difficulties in getting in touch with our own guides is that their presence feels a lot like our own, so we can tend to dismiss their presence as being nothing more than our imaginations,our own thoughts. Ironically, maybe, Iactually find it easier to have conversations with other people's guides, because it's easier for me to tell their thoughts apart from mine. A good way to start is to ask yes or no questions of our guides. After we figure out what "yes" feels like and what "no" feels like, we can move on to short answer questions. It's a lot like learning a new language, so don't become concerned if you can't communicate clearly right away. It will get better with practice. And remember that it's perfectly okay to tell your guides that you're not getting it and ask that the message be made more clearfor you. They are happy to go over things as many times as it takes you to get it. They want you to know them.
  10. If you are able to enter and leave meditation easily, it can be very helpful to write down your questions and their answers. It helps to solidify the connection and let them knowhow clearlyyou're getting their messages so that they can adjust their approach, either speeding up if you're getting it all very well, or possiblytrying a different type of communication if things are still a little muddy. If you can't write or type while still in a meditative state, writing things down as soon as you finish your meditation works fine too.
  11. When you're ready to end your meditation, be sure to thank your guides for being with you today and every day, for all of their love and support. We all like to feel appreciated. :-)
  12. When you come back to normal waking awareness, give yourself a few minutes to adjust before going about your day.
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3.2 Visualization

By Amaya, 2011-01-15

NOTE: This blog entry is part of a series about psychic development. Find the index for the series here.

In Intro to Meditation, we practiced getting into a no-thought state. In this segment, we'll introduce thought to our no-thought state. Specifically, we'll get our third eye warmed up by looking at imaginary items that we introduce into our meditative space.


On the first day of this exercise, start your meditation and reach your no-thought state. Once all other thoughts have fallen away, imagine an orange floating in front of you. See it in as much detail as possible. How orange is it? Is it ripe? See the way the light shines off of the texture of its skin. Grab it with your imaginary hands. Is it cold? Sticky? Smooth? What does it smell like? Take time with it, andexperience it withall of your senses. Peel the orange. Feel the juice running down your hands. Taste the orange. Is it sweet? When you start getting bored with your orange, put the orange back together and return it to its starting point, floating in front of you. Let the orange dissolve into nothingness. Return to your no-thought state, and end your meditation when you like.

Each day afterward, for a week or so, choose something else to imagine. Start with simple objects, then progress to items with more detail. Maybe you imagine your TV remote control, the contents of your refrigerator, your childhood bedroom, your spouse's face, your vehicle's dashboard, or a favorite piece of art. The options are endless.

Thediscussion thread for this exercise is here.

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3.1 Intro to Meditation

By Amaya, 2011-01-14

NOTE: This blog entry is part of a series about psychic development. Find the index for the series here.

The importance of meditation in spiritual disciplines has been recognized forever. Science has caught up with these ideas, and is showing that meditation hasa number ofbenefits. There's been so much work done on the topic that I feel no need to reinvent the wheel. Rather, let's use a source that already exists.

Angel posted these videos a while ago, and I think they're fabulous. If you go to this link, it will play all of the videos (50 minutes total) in order: Irecommend that youwatch the videos, all five of them, to become familiar with the basic principles. Don't try to meditate while the videos are playing.

My notes on these videos:

  • Video 1: I don't know about you, but the position shown in the video is uncomfortable for me to maintain for a long period of time. I personally prefer sitting in a chair and not crossing anything at all. What you want to do is to sit in a comfortable upright position - one in which you aren't tempted to fall asleep! I also recommend removing any hat that you may be wearing, as well as any jewelry that is reasonable to remove. If you have body piercings, remove any piercings that are easy to take out and put back, especially any facial piercings. You may find that playing some relaxing music in the background is helpful.
  • Video 2: I love the recommendation that meditation should be done according to one's age. A 5-year old should meditate for 5 minutes at a time. A 30-year-old should meditate for at least 30 minutes per day. This is a great guideline, but you should meditate for as long as you can. If you only can find 15 minutes free in your day, start with that. Aim to spend at least 10 minutes meditating every day.
  • Video 3: This video sort ofmakes it seem as though your third eye will activateduring your first meditation. Although it might, it probably won't. The things that are being described here are things that will happen with continued meditational practice. It may take many sessions before the mind can be quieted enough to allow the third eye to shine through clearly. Also, don't worry ifyou don't see/hear/feel things exactly as described in the video. Whenyou get to that point, you will experience something, but it will be unique to you.Allow it to come to you as it will. We'll do lots of meditations related to third eye activation aswe go along, so you'll have lots of opportunities to work on this.
  • Video 4: I haven't included astral travel in this course. I consider this to be an advanced meditational technique that I myself haven't become good at yet. If you'd like to try it as part of your personal meditational practice, please do so.My understanding isthat most people prefer to do astral travel while the body is lying down, but do whatever works best for you.
  • Video 5: What do you think of the ideas in this video? If they work for you, great. If they don't, don't worry about it. If you're wondering, yes, Ido believe that we all choose the lives that we are born into. The "after death" explanation is important to remember, too, because we'll work with past lives later and this idea will become helpful at that time.

Exercise 1: No-Thought State

That's it! That's the exercise. Practice getting into a no-thought state, using the technique in the video of focusing on the breath and allowing thoughts to pass by. Do it every day. Exercises will beposted later that involve variousguided meditations, but when we're not doing those, do this one.

If possible, try to practice meditating in lots of different places, and at different times of the day. In your home, you might try sitting in a different chair every day, or meditating standing up while leaning against the kitchen counter. Try meditating with some relaxing music, without music, and while your kids or roommates are watching TV or a movie. Whenyou're out, you might try meditating at school, on your lunch break at work, while waiting in line at the DMV or the doctor's office. Not only does the brain learn better this way, but you'll prevent yourself from forming an unhelpfullink between your meditational state and particular surroundings.

The discussion thread related to this exercise is here.

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2.1 Cultivating Compassion

By Amaya, 2011-01-12

NOTE: This blog post is part of a series about psychic development. Find the index for the series here.

What does compassion have to do with psychic ability, you may be asking? Clearly I think it's important, or it wouldn't be step #2 on the Road to Becoming Psychic, right? A couple of years after I wrote the first draft of this particular blog entry, I had the great fortune to read theblog of intuitive counselor Erin Pavlina, whose explanation of this was WAY better than mine. Read it here. What I originally wrote about this topic is below.

Compassion is a tricky thing sometimes. It's different than pity. It'snot quiteempathy, or sympathy. Wikipedia describes the Buddhist conception of compassion like this:

The Dalai Lama has said, "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." The American monk Bhikkhu Bodhi states that compassion "supplies the complement to loving-kindness: whereas loving-kindness has the characteristic of wishing for the happinessand welfare of others, compassion has the characteristic of wishing that others be free from suffering, a wish to be extended without limits to all living beings. Like metta,compassion arises by entering into the subjectivity of others, by sharing their interiority in a deep and total way. It springs up by considering that all beings, like ourselves, wish to be free from suffering, yet despite their wishes continue to be harassed by pain, fear, sorrow, and other forms of dukkha."

At the same time, it is emphasised that in order to manifest effective compassion for others it is first of all necessary to be able to experience and fully appreciate one's own suffering and to have, as a consequence, compassion for oneself. The Buddha is reported to have said, "It is possible to travel the whole world in search of one who is more worthy of compassion than oneself. No such person can be found."

Compassion is the antidote to the self-chosen poison of anger.

When a psychic receives information about another person (or maybe another lifetime that they themselves led), the psychic person enters into the subjectivity of that person, sharing their interiority in a deep and total way. In becoming more clearly and trulypsychic, it is important to be able to respectthe subjective quality of the interior lives of other people. One way to get to that place of being able to respect other people's thoughts, feelings, and moral guidelinesis to honor our own interiority fully and without reservation.

What I mean by this is that if there are things about ourselves that we hate, or if there have been wrongs done to us that we haven't yet forgiven, there arises a temptation to hatesimilar things in others. "It is first of all necessary to experience and fully appreciate one's own suffering and to have, as a consequence, compassion for oneself."

In order to develop psychic ability, it is not necessary to be completely free ofbiases and condemnations.In fact, that'smost likelyimpossible, given the way our human brains are wired. It IS necessary, though, to recognize that we allhave biases, filters, and judgments about "good" and "bad" that work for us, but that might be totally inconceivable to someone else. The exercises in this series are intended to help us to understand our own interior lives a little better, and hopefully to heal some of theideas that we have about ourselves and othersthat might be blocking our intuitive abilities.

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NOTE: This blog post is part of a series. Find the index for the series here.

The ability to accurately perceive and interpret psychically-received information has a lot to do with physical health, which I called the First Pillar. It also has a lot to do witha person'sspiritual condition.

The Importance of Spiritual Clarity

The spirit is the mediumthrough which all psychic information is filtered. If it's clogged up with unhelpful things, the messages aren't going to get through clearly. Cleaning out the spirit sometimes seems to be a never-ending process, much like an onion. One layer is peeled away, merely to reveal another layer. After a few layers, though, it does get easier.

I've noticed that there are a few key spiritual ingredients thatseem to besuper-important in the process of becoming stronger and more accurate with one's intuitive abilities. The one we'll work on for our firstthree exercisesis compassion. After that, we'll move on to trust, or faith. We'll talk more about faith as we move on to some exercises dealing with suspending disbelief. Finally, we'll talk a little about the ethics of psychic work andpracticeusing the basicethical principles.

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NOTE: This blog post is part of a series. Find the index for the series here.

Consider, if you will, that your psychic ability is really a dinner table. That table has three parts: the legs, the table top, and what you're serving for dinner. In this metaphor, your physical body is the legs of the table. It holds the whole enterprise up, so that you and your dinner guests are not eating off the floor. You, of course, CAN eat off the floor, but it's much easier and more pleasant to eat at a table that has legs.

My advice on this topic will probably not surprise you. My guess is that you've heard this before somewhere: eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.

You Are What You Eat

This isn't about being on a diet. It's not about losing weight. It's about returning your body to a state of health. It's about recognizing that it's hard tofocus on your intuitionwhen your stomach is upset, your body aches, your head hurts, and your body's chemistry is all messed up.

  1. Give your body what it needs - Nutrition is both very complicated and super basic, depending on how you look at it. I've done tons of research about nutrition, and what it all seems to boil down to is pretty simple. Eat lots of vegetables, especially the dark green leafy variety. Enjoy whole fruits (not juice). Eat lots of fiber - legumes and whole grains being a good way to do it. Go for lean protein. Eat good fats, like olive oil, nuts, avocados, and stuff like that. Drink lots of just plain water.
  2. Stop giving it what it doesn't need - What your body doesn't need is anything refined. White flours, refined sugars, fruit juices, and anything that you might find at a fast food restaurant thatisn't similar to Chipotle. Your system isn't set up to deal with that kind of food, so give it a break and stop making it work so hard.
  3. Stop giving it what it doesn't like - Everyone has their particular food sensitivities and/or allergies. If you pay attention to your body's signals, you should be able to figure out what at least some of them are. Gluten and dairy tend to be common ones that many people have issues with, but there are plenty of others. Don't be shy about cutting the offenders out of your diet. It can make a super-huge difference in the way that your whole body functions. If you want to explore this more, I recommend visiting a naturopathic physician for a food allergy test. It will cost you about $500 total for the visit and test, but it's reallyso worth it.

  4. My opinion regarding drugs in general - I have to admit that I do indulge in the occasional glass of wine (or half a bottle). I also drink caffeinated tea every morning. In the past, I have done a lot of drugs, bothprescribed and not.What I will say is that it is my opinion that any chemicals you put into your body will alter your body's chemistry (duh, right?). Altered body chemistry WILL affect your ability to receive clear intuitive impressions. It might only have a small effect, but there will be an effect. Your body is set up to be naturally intutive; it's best to abstain from all drugs and alcohol in as much as it is reasonable for you to do so.


Our bodies are set up to exercise. Lifting, dragging, carrying, walking, chasing, running, playing, dancing... That's what our bodies were designed to do all day. They were NOT designed to sit at a computer for hours on end. Exercise has so many beneficial effects for the body that I can't really stress its importance enough.

There are many sets of recommendations out there for how much to exercise. I would encourage you to exercise as much as is reasonable, aiming for at least 30 minutes of brisk walking every day. It can be chopped up into chunks, of course, like 15 minutes before lunch, and 15 minutes before dinner. If you can fit it more time, or more vigorous exercise, good for you! I'm a big fan of strength training, too, if you can fit it in.


Americans are chronically sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation has a number of negative affects on the body. In terms of psychic development, being sleep-deprived will make it harder for you to maintain the kind of focus necessary.

Every person has their own perfect amount of sleep. For me, it's about 8 hours. If you have trouble getting enough sleep, take a look at what changes you can make in your lifestyle to help you get more and better quality sleep. There are a ton of articles available on the subject; let us know if you would like help finding some.

The road to better physical health is walked one step at a time. Make some small changes in your usual routine starting today, and keep making small changes every so often until you get to the place that you want to be.

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Afterseeing tons and tons of questions here on EC about psychic development, I put togetherthis self-paced online workshop for developingintuitive abilites. Considerit to be a collection of what I believe to be the most important steps in the journey toward becoming more intuitive. Although itis oriented toward empaths, these are techniques that anyone can use.

How to Use This Course

The workshop is specifically structured for those with no current relationship with their psychic ability, kind of a Psychic 101 course. If you already have a working knowledge of your intuitive abilities, feel free to take what you need from the various lessons,skipping those sections that you've already mastered. Although I consider the course to be complete in its current state, Iexpect that I will still add things to it over time. If there's something that you'd like to see discussed that doesn't appear to be covered here, please let me know.

I encourage you to keep a journal of your experiences and/or to participate in the discussion threads for each exercise.

Table of Contents

1. The First Pillar of Psychic Ability - The Body

2. The Second Pillar of Psychic Ability - The Spirit

2.1 Cultivating Compassion

Exercise 1: Walking a Mile (Compassion for Total Strangers)

Exercise 2: Forgiving (Compassion for Someone Who Has Wronged Us)

Exercise 3:Loving the Demon Within (Compassion for Ourselves)

2.2 Finding Faith

Exercise 1: Going With Your Gut

Exercise 2: The Walk Sign Game

2.3 Suspending Disbelief

Exercise: Getting From No to Maybe

2.4 Psychic Ethics

Exercise 1: Holding Back the Helper

Exercise 2: Keeping Confidences

3. The Third Pillar of Psychic Ability - The Mind

3.1 Intro to Meditation(Exercise Discussion Thread)

3.2 Visualization(Exercise Discussion Thread)

3.3 Symbolism

3.3.1 Techniques for Learning the Language of the Psychic Experience

3.3.2 Archetypes

3.3.3 Culturally-Specific Themes and Symbols

3.3.4 Personal Symbols

3.3.5 Putting It All Together

3.4 Cleansing, Clearing, Grounding

3.4.1 Basic Meditation

3.4.2 Soul Agreements - Clearing Meditation

3.4.3 Energetic Cords -Cutting Meditation (coming soon...)

3.4.4 Optional Extra Chakra Meditations(Chakra Health Quiz)

Chakra 1: Root (Grounding)

Chakra 2:Sacral/Navel

Chakra 3: Solar Plexus

Chakra 4: Heart

Chakra 5: Throat

Chakra 6: Third Eye

Chakra 7: Crown

3.4.5 Body-Mind Energy Medicine

3.5 Psychic Protection

3.6 Your Personal Sanctuary

3.7 Meeting your Spiritual Guidance Council

3.7.1 YouTube Guided Meditations

3.7.2 Self-Guided Meditation 1 (less visual)

3.7.3 Self-Guided Meditation 2 (Sandy B's more visual version)

3.8 Journey to the Akashic Records

3.9 Past Life Soul Retrieval

4. Beyond the Pillars - Using the Gift to Help Others

4.1 Your Psychic Toolbox

4.2 Setting the Stage

4.3 The Intuitive Process

4.3.1 Initial Impressions

4.3.2 Asking the Right Questions

4.3.3 Knowing When You're Done

4.4 Communicating Your Intuitive Impressions

4.5 Dealing with Feedback

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