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I am an urban shaman, a playful channel of Spirit available for psychic readings, intuitive counseling, energy healing, and intuitive development classes in person in the Portland, Oregon area, or via online video chat anywhere in the world. Read more about me at my website.

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10/24/10 07:56:48PM @roxanne:
Wishing you good fortune.
06/25/11 03:40:50PM @melissa:

hey thanks for becoming an EC pdx friend! eventhough I am not actually there right now! :)

do you like to hike or do outdoor things by chance? what are your favorite things to do or places in portland?

I miss Oregon and the people's smiles there and laid back attitude! :)

lot of good positive l and l your way!! Melissa

10/09/16 02:08:03PM @who-am-i:

Hey Amaya, I just purchased a reading. Since this website is brand new I do not know how to send you a message.