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The best shielding technique EVER!

By: Amaya
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How do I turn this thing off??? It's the most commonly-asked question, right?

I was about to respond to a forum post today with some answer like, "I don't even bother to try to shield anymore; it's too hard." Then I was going to come out with some pithy wisdom about acceptance of others' points of view, proactively recognizing the feelings of others, letting those emotions just move through you like you're made of water, and some such like that.

Then I realized that I, in fact, do shield myself all the time. Every day. But I don't use the bubble technique or the white light or the eight arms or whatever other method that requires any kind of my concentration, because I really don't have any concentration and that makes the shielding techniques too hard for me to keep up for a long-enough period of time to make the effort worth it. Not to mention that I need shielding while I sleep; I first realized that I was an empath when one of my meth-addicted friends kept waking me up in the middle of the night purely through the power of her paranoid thoughts.

I read about this little trick (see picture below) many years ago in a book on shamanism, and I've been using it ever since. I've taught it to two empaths that I know, and they both have been amazed at how well it works. I have no idea HOW it works, only that it does work. It's the easiest thing ever, and I can even use it when I sleep. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Does it work for you?

03/11/10 04:45:49PM @amaya:
Yes, I generally lace the rest of my fingers together and hold my hands in my lap so that no one else can really tell what I'm doing. Definitely less conspicuous is better! Nice to know that I'm not the only one with this type of technique... Thanks, Ceres!
03/11/10 04:53:21PM @amaya:
Hi Connie! I do it whenever I have need of it, for as long as I need. For example, my daughter and I were in a movie theater with stadium seating, and my head ended up between the knees of a man whose energy was absolutely intolerable. I can't explain what it was like, but it made me want to jump out of my skin and run away. Well, we couldn't move seats, so I used this technique for the whole movie (it was Avatar 3D, so it was a good long time). I also use it often while I sleep, with the rest of my fingers laced together in a "here is the church, here are the people" style so that I don't lose the form. I find that when I do it for too long while I sleep, I feel a little "off" in the morning, but the "off" feeling goes away pretty quickly once I stop the technique.
03/12/10 12:09:57PM @amaya:
Hi Dinky! What I think it does is to shut everything else out, so that all you can feel is your own energy. If you're already feeling frazzled, yeah, it won't feel good at all. In your case, might I recommend a bubble bath? :-) It IS a good way to do the "is this mine, or not mine?" emotion check, though.
12/09/10 08:36:49AM @armando:
Thank you for this... Anyone else notice the Infinity symbol???
12/09/10 09:47:41AM @amaya:
Armando, I'd never thought about it like that, but I see it now!
12/11/10 07:57:43AM @amaya:

I do sleep like that, but no, I can't walk around like that, at least not without looking ridiculous. :-)

12/11/10 08:18:48AM @armando:

@ Otterwoman.. Baahahaha that's the greatest visual ;-) Imagine walking down a busy city street and seeingEVERYONE with there hands duct taped together... "What?!?!?! I'm shielding!"

@ Lucidamy.. I started using this in my AM meditation. I normally ground and shield myself first thing in the AM anyway. I just incorporated the hand positions. I feel more connected, like it works for me better.

01/28/11 04:15:56PM @amaya:
Dinky, WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT PICTURE? I totally can't remember where this thing came from, and that looks like a mudra. I'd love to know where you got it.
01/28/11 04:30:56PM @amaya:

Found it on Google images by searching "infinity mudra". Also found it here: I've never done the steepled fingers like that; it certainly changes the whole thing!

christine k
08/04/17 04:25:54PM @christine-k:
This is a very effective technique I've been using for the past year, I only touch my fingertips and thumbtips together though. I'll try the one you show as well.Mahalo Christine