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How to meet your spirit guide

By: Amaya
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NOTE: This blog entry is now part of a series on psychic development. Find the index to the series here.

My opinion is that everyone has many spirit guides. Call them guardian angels if you like. I like to think of mine as my own personal board of directors, since each guide tends to work with me on certain areas of my life. I think that everyone receives guidance from their guides, but none of us receives that guidance in exactly the same way. People often have questions about how they might be able to contact their guides, and I usually recommend the video below as a good place to start. It doesn't work for everyone, and there are all kinds of reasons why that might be. I find sometimes that it's difficult for guides to assume the kind of form suggested in the video, so also be alert for any kind of "presence" when you get to that part.

I would recommend that before you begin the meditation, you announce aloud your intentions. For example, I might say, "In this meditation, I would like to meet with my highest and best guidance, the individual that works most closely with me in this lifetime."

Thanks to Michael Rynish for this great video...

And thanks to Sandy B, hostof the Spirit Guides & Guardian Angelsgroupfor this video:

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04/04/10 10:22:32AM @amaya:
Yes, Spark, it sounds like your mind was blocking you! It could be just that you haven't done much meditation - the brain is wired to resist new experiences. There could also be some other reason, like your guides may not be able to take the type of form suggested in the video. If you'd like, I'd be happy to meet with your guides and see what I can find out!
05/04/10 09:21:22AM @amaya:
Yes, Sean, everyone has at least one spirit guide. Keep trying! It takes practice to train your mind to hold focused awareness for an extended period of time.
05/04/10 03:40:24PM @amaya:
I haven't seen that group. Feel free to repost this there, if you think it would be helpful! Thanks, Sandy!
04/08/13 10:03:12PM @amaya:

Hi Rhonda, Thanks so much for your question! My advice would be to simply not worry if it's your imagination. Easier said than done, I know, but if you're getting something, you're doing it properly. If you're still doubtful,however, you can do a scan of your body. If you're feeling tense or tight in your belly,chest, or headwhile you're doing the meditation, you may want to start with a relaxation/clearing meditation first, then come back to this when you're totally relaxed. If you're totally relaxed, it's probably not your imagination. Happy meditating!

09/25/13 09:08:46PM @amaya:

Quite welcome!

12/02/14 11:28:45PM @inlanddan:

Hi, wonderful topic. I have tried most everything to figure out who my guides are. They finally told me that I really do not have the need to know who they are as much as I need the trust and faith in them. They have let me know that I will be told if and when I need to know. How can I question that? It has always worked for me till now so why would I doubt them.

Dan : )