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Your Psychic Toolbox

By: Amaya
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Note: This blog entry is part of a series on psychic development. Find the index for the series here.

Most psychics employ a variety of skills/abilities when doing a reading. In this blog entry, I'll describe the most common psychic abilities and how they are used to receive psychic information.

Divination Tools

In this category, I place anything that a psychic uses thatexists physically outside of the body. The most common divination tools used by psychics include tarot or oracle cards, runes, I Ching, pendulums, dousing rods,palmistry, astrology, and some others that aren't coming to mind right now. Basically, I considerany knowledge-gathering technique that relies on something external to the person performing the reading to be under the general heading of "divination tool". I don't include crystal balls or other types of scrying equipment in this category, because their function is to assist the reader in achieving a meditational, psychically-receptive state, not to augment the psychic's knowledge in some way.


My opinion on divination tools is that a real psychic doesn't need props. However, all of the psychics I've ever met possess one or more tools like this, including me. In my opinion, these types of tools can be useful in some cases. I have been reading tarot for about 16 years, and I quite like the way that it helps to narrow a broad topic, or tocut through the confusion of the person requesting the reading so that we can both be in agreement about what the most important issue is. I also like the neutrality of tarot when I read for people that I know very well, especially in situations in which I already have strong opinions on the matter. Other divination tools withspecific interpretation systemswork the same way.

Clear Sight - Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to receive psychic information in a visual format. In her book Extraordinary Psychic, Debra Lynn Katz writes that clairvoyance is the least common of the "clair" abilities. I don't know that I necessarily agree with her on that, but I do think that it's what people automatically think of when they think of what a psychic is and does. In reality, I would be willing to say that all psychics use more than one "clair" ability during a reading. Seeing pictures, hearing sounds or words, feeling emotions, and knowing information all at once is the typical way that I think most readings go. The visualization exercises in section 3.2 help you to understand what it feels like towork withvisual information that isn't coming from your eyeballs.


Clear Hearing - Clairaudience

Did you know that in addition to a "third eye", there is also a "third ear"? Clairaudience, or clear hearing, is receiving psychic information in an auditory format. For me, in readings I will sometimeshear music or musical tones, hear words or sentences (or long lectures), or hear things that I can't really explain - sort of like pure knowledge leaking in through my ears. In past life readings, I'll often hear all of the environmental sounds as I would have if I were actually there. With this ability, as with clairvoyance, I think it's important to note that I'm not actually hearing anything - nothing that I would confuse for reality, anyway. It's difficult to explain, but I want toallay the fears of anyone that might be afraid of awakening this ability, because there is absolutely no way that clairaudience can be confused for, for example,someone calling your name in real life. People who cannot tell the difference between "the voices" and real life are schizoprenic, not psychic. Developing your psychic ability will not cause you to become schizoprenic.


Clear Feeling - Clairsentience

The empathic gift is often placed in the same category as clairsentience. I'm not totally convinced that they're the same thing, but they often go together. Clairsentience is basically the ability to perceive "the vibration" of another person or thing. Psychics who focus on physical maladies, such as medical intuitives and energy healers,areusually using this as their primary psychic ability. As an empath, this psychic ability may turn out to be your strongest. It certainly is for me, along with claircognizance. To further confuse things, psychometry - the ability to receive information by holding an object - is also included in this category.


Clear Knowing - Claircognizance

In a reading situation, it can be hard to separate out the effect of claircognizance from the other psychic abilities. Clear knowing is really nothing more than old-fashioned intuition - the sudden and unexplainable knowing of information. The exercises in section 2.2 - Going with Your Gut and The Walk Sign Game - were working with this particular psychic ability specifically. For me, the hardest part about working with claircognizance is that it's the easiest place for the ego to step in and start mucking up the accuracy of the information. All of that other stuff in section 2 was meant to strengthen the ability to shut the ego down and let information flow freely.


The other Clairs - Smell (Clairalience) and Taste (Clairgustance)

Clear smelling and clear tasting? Yes! They do come up sometimes. For me, they seem to show up especially in past life readings or with spirit guides. Also, for me, my clairs sometimes have strange overlaps, like I'll hear light or see emotions. For example, when I'm holding a chunk of carnelian, I get sort of an ashy taste in my mouth, and that tells me that carnelian has an affinity with the properties of the element fire. I don't know that there's much benefit to purposely developing these particular abilities, but I certainly enjoy them when they show up.

Mediumistic Channeling

A medium is a psychic person that communicates with non-physical beings. There are actually a couple of different kinds of channeling, but for the purposes of this discussion, I'm talking about the type of trance channeling in which a psychic allows the consciousness of a non-physicalbeing to take over their body and communicate through them. Automatic writing is a variant of this ability, in which the psychic person allows another being to use only their hand(s) in order to communicate through the written word. Ihave donesome spirit guide readings sort of on the edge of trance channeling,using automatic writing, and it can be both fun and educational at times. There are some for whom this type of thing comes easily, and while I'm not advocating against it, I do advise caution. As you grow in your psychic ability over time, you'll be better able to discern the type of being that you're working with andmake good decisions relative to whether or not a particularbeing's consciousness really belongs in your body.


04/18/11 05:09:59PM @amaya:
Yeah, clairaudience is "hearing" kind of, but not really. I guess the best way I can explain it is that it is to hearing what clairvoyance is to seeing. You don't actually "see" things, do you? Like, you don't see anything that you'd confuse for real life, right? I do think that all these abilities end upmixed up in a nice psychic soup; I just enjoy how they all go together!
04/18/11 09:14:06PM @amaya:
Hehehehe. Yes, that's totally what it is, Sandy!
04/19/11 08:12:07PM @amaya:
Cheri, when I get psychic information, I get it all on my left side too! I wonder what's up with that? If you want to learn to read at will, give a try to the rest of the workshop. As soon as I can carve out the time, I'll be adding to it and really getting into the how-to-do-a-reading part.
04/21/11 07:47:06AM @amaya:
Cheri, the index is at this link.
09/16/13 08:51:04PM @amaya:

Hi Roy! To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure what empathy is, or rather, I'm not sure where it exactly fits. I'd say that possibly, we're using it as a catch-all term for a number of abilities that range from telepathy andthe "clairs" to the ability to perceive and manipulate energy. I sort of like the metaphor that each of the psychic abilities is a muscle in the body, and empathy (or psychic readings, or energy healing)is what we do with those muscles, like what walking is to quadriceps. Does that make sense?