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The Thousand-Petaled Lotus - Activating the Crown Chakra

By: Amaya
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Note: This blog entry is part of a series on psychic development. Find the index for the series here.


In the same way that the root chakraconnects our bodies with the powerful manifestational energy of the earth, thecrown chakra connects our bodies with the trancendental consciousness of the heavens. A blocked crown chakra can leave us with a lack of clear direction for our lives anda lack of understanding of where and how we fit into the universe. An open and connected crown chakra assists us in seeing the bigger picture, in understanding theweb of life, the flow of time, and the meaning of it all.

The key to crown chakra activation is no-thought meditation. Here's a written meditation that I like that bridges the gap between thought and the no-thought meditational state (Judith, p. 341):

Lie or sit in a comfortable meditation position. Allow your mind to become relatively calm and quiet, using whatever technique is most effective for you.

Gradually let yourself pay attention to the thoughts that pass through your mind. Pick one and ask yourself where it came from, what thoughts preceded it. Then follow to the origin of that thought. It may be something that occurred years ago, or something that is pressing on your right now. Then again follow that thought to its source, and on to each thought's origin. Eventually we come to a kind of infinite source that has no objective origin.

Return and pick another thought that passes through. Repeat the same sequence, going further and further back. See how many of your thoughts emanate from a similar source--either an issue that you are working with in your life right now, a past teacher, or your own place of connection with the infinite.

After followinga fewthoughts to their origin, begin watching your thoughts go by without tracing them. Simply let them pass, neither denying them nor retaining them. Let them return to their source until there are few or no thoughts passing through, and you too have returned to that source. Remain there as long as seems appropriate, and return slowly to normal consciousness.

Here is theTibetan bowl/solfeggio frequency video for the crown chakra.Thefrequency for the crown chakra is quite high and can bea little screechy, so turnthevolume down a bit if it grates on your nerves too much, or try thenext video, which features abowl made of crystal instead.

Same idea, using a crystal bowl:


A Note on Intense Crown Chakra Activation

When all of the chakras are clear and balanced, and especially if you use the suggestion I madeto have an upwardly-flowing grounding cord with a downwardly-directed flow of celestial energy, you may experience intense activation in the crown chakra. Some people might call this a "kundalini experience",although I'm not quite ready to call it that at this point. In any case, the experience is one ofecstatic bliss, but itcan feel a little like the top of your head has exploded. That, as well as other random physical reactions that you might have during an intense activation, such as twitching, spontaneous crying, feeling hot or cold, or feeling like you've lost track of your body altogether,can cause a fear reaction. I'm mentioning it now so that if it does happen, you know that it's normal and nothing to be concerned about. Do your best to enjoy the moment, and work through any residual blocks or fears by focusing your attention on your breath and by breathing calm, controlled way. Let yourself sink into the bliss, slowly becoming one with it. If it's too much, know that you can simply stop the meditation at any point.

After an intense crown chakra activation, practice increased self-care for a whileby focusing on journalingfor longer periodsand more often, and by paying increased attention to eating healthfully, exercising regularly (especially gentle forms of exercise, such as walking and yoga), and getting plenty of sleep. You may find that you are not as interested in meditating for a while afterward, which is fine. Trust your instincts, and return to meditation when you feel ready.


03/15/11 11:53:07AM @amaya:
Hi Ben! Have you been watching the other videos too? The ones for the other chakras? I find this video to be pretty tough to listen to also, so I just turn the volume on it down until it's less ear-bleeding. What I recommend is that you try all of the videos in order, and see if that changes your reaction to this one. There's a playlist in the comments section of this postthat will play all of the chakra videos in order. It's an hour altogether, but you can listen to them (without headphones!) while you're doing other things.
03/15/11 01:25:54PM @amaya:
I'd call it a good thing, as long as it's not unpleasant for you. I'll be interested to hear how it goes when you do all of them in order.
03/15/11 04:06:09PM @amaya:
I agree - the meditation is very relaxing. Did you listen to all the videos in order?