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The All-Seeing (Third) Eye: Exercises to open, clarify, and strengthen the third eye chakra

By: Amaya
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Note: This blog entry is part of a series on psychic development. Find the index for the series here.


Good news! Almost all of the exercises in the "mind" section of this workshopact to open and clarify the third eye chakra, especially the visualization exercises. If you'd like some extra exercises and meditations, this blog post has a few suggestions.

First, try watching and listening to the video below. As with all of these Tibetan bowl/solfeggio frequency videos, listen to it without headphones. The sound waves themselves act to clear and harmonize.

Tryan exercise thatI adapted from Debra Lynn Katz's book Extraordinary Psychic: After you've done the clearing meditation and you are grounded and centered in a relaxed, meditational state, imagine that the inside of your skull is a movie theater. The movie screen is located just behind your third eye, on the inside of your skull, between your two physical eyes. Imagine that you are sitting in a chair in the middle of the theater. When you're ready to receive psychic information about a topic that you have firmly in your mind, you will openyour third eye,a dark blueeye-shaped opening behind the screen. After you open this blue"curtain", the movie enters through the eye-shaped opening in your forehead, and the images appear on the screen just inside your forehead. The movie's sounds are loud and clear to you, just as they are in a surround-sound theater. You can ask the movie questions, and move the pictures around with your hands. When you're done with the movie, close the curtain, and gently return to waking awareness.


This fun exercise, called "Photo Blink",is a simple way to get a sense of someone's aura if you normally don't see auras. It also helps to improve visual observation. The exercise appears in the book Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith, Ph.D. (p. 308-309)

Place the person you want to look at directly opposite you, about six to ten feet away. Close your eyes and clear your mental screen. Wait until you feel grounded and centered, with no particular thoughts or images running through your mind.

Very quickly open and close your eyes once--the opposite of a blink--so that you get only a quick glimpse of the person in front of you, making a sort of frozen "photographic" image imprinted in your mind. Hold that image and examine it. What characteristics do you notice? Do you see an afterimage or a glow around the body? Do certain colors or body positions stand out? As the image fades, quickly open and close your eyes again to strengthen it. See how much detail you can decipher in this "afterimage". Which parts fade first, and which characteristics linger? All these things tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of that person's aura.

03/12/11 04:22:54PM @amaya:

Lisa C, I agree! The whole book is great, which is why Ifeel compelled toquotefrom it so much... :-)

03/15/15 01:07:26PM @amaya:

Carolyn, Thanks for the heads up! Fixed it. I think it'll automatically start playing the crown chakra clearing directly afterward, so you'll want to stop it before that. If you're interested, you can click on the playlist link on the top left of the window and start with the root chakra and play them all through the crown. Happy clearing!