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Opening the Throat Chakra

By: Amaya
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Note: This blog entry is part of a series on psychic development. Find the indes for the series here.


The throat chakra is the energy center related to communication through sound, vibration, self-expression, and creativity. It is the realm of consciousness that controls, creates, transmits, and receives communication, both within ourselves and between each other. It is the center of dynamic creativity, of synthesizing old ideas into something new. Its attributes include listening, speaking, writing, chanting, telepathy, and any of the arts - especially those related to sounds and language. (Judith, p. 236)

Because the throat chakra is so intimately associated with sound, the following video is a great way to clear stuck energy and harmonize the chakra.


Anyactivity that involves self-expression will help with clearing the throat chakra. Some suggestions (Judith, p. 266) are:

  1. Playing Charades - Spend an hour with someone in total silence, yet engaged in active communication. Pick challenging things to communicate about. Notice what methods you use to communicate, such as gestures, hand symbols, physical manipulation, eye movements. Notice how much easier it gets toward the end of the hour. Notice what points are especially difficult. This exercise can actually help build communication between two or more parties.
  2. Vow of Silence - Listening is an essential and too-often-overlooked component of communication. Yogis often takes vows of silence for extended periods of time to purify their vibrations of audible sound and better tune into subtle sounds. By avoiding verbal communication, one can open up other avenues of communication, namely communication with higher consciousness. Begin with a few hours, then try a whole day or longer.
  3. Voice Recording - Make a recording of your voice during ordinary conversation. See how much you talk and how much you listen, whether you interrupt, or falter in your speech. Notice your tone of voice. If you didn't know this person, what would you intuit about them from the voice?


I tend to have a lot of blockages in my throat chakra, and for me, the most common cause is a habit of not speaking my mind. I bite my tongue and remain silent for many reasons, some of which are probably beneficial in the long run, and some of which may not be. I have found two very effective ways of dealing with these blockages:

  1. Keeping a journal - There are all kinds of things that come up in the day that remain unsaid and unexplored. Your journal is a safe place to dump all of your unhelpful thoughts so that you can clear space for more helpful ideas. My journal has contained my rants about how angry Iwas at my child that day, how much single parenthood sucks, how much I was wishing for things that were never going to happen, how unloved/unappreciated/fat/ugly/stupid/weak/tiredI felt that day, etc. Getting those thoughts out through words helps to remove the throat chakra blocks, but also it sends a message to your mind that it can stop thinking about those things now because the thoughts are nice and safe in your journal should you ever want to revisit them, and thereby frees up the mind to think more helpful thoughts.
  2. Findingways to speak my mind in a loving way - I grew up in a household that rarely cared about what I thought and what I wanted. I learned early that it's best to simply never express an opinion or desire. I'm still in the process of unlearning that, and learning insteadhow to express my thoughts in ways that honor my intent, but that also honor the essential humanity of the person with whom I want to communicate. Spending time thinking about the way we communicate our ideas, and then practicing that communication, can help to harmonize the throat chakra.