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Restoring Balance to the Heart Chakra

By: Amaya
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Note: This blog entry is part of a series on psychic development. Find the index for the series here.


The heart chakra is the mid-point of the seven-chakra system, the center of balance between the physically-oriented lower three chakrasand the spiritually-oriented upper three chakras. Of course, the heart chakra deals with love, but also with connections in general, with seeing that we are all connected in the "web of life". The heart is also a center of healing, which can be looked at assisting ourselves or another with coming into a state of balance.

Because of its important role of the balance point of the chakra system, imbalances in the heart chakra can throw the entire system off balance. Healing imbalances in the heart chakra can be done in a number of ways. The element that corresponds to the heart chakra is air, so any kind of breathing or breath-oriented exercises will assist in balancing the heart chakra. Physical stretches or exercises that act to open the chest can be done as well.

Here is the singing bowl/solfeggio YouTube video that corresponds to the heart chakra:


Compassion meditations like those we worked with earlier in this workshop are good ways to work on opening andclearing the heart chakra. Anodea Judith recommends, in addition to compassion and empathy exercises, that any showing of appreciation for others will get theheart energy flowing. She also offersa fun"wishing" meditation, with a disclaimer of "Be careful what you ask for - you just may get it." (page 222-224)

Just below the heart chakra is a tiny lotus of eight petals, the Anandakanda Lotus, within which is the "celestial wishing tree" from the Heaven of Indra, the Kalapataru. This magic tree, in front of which is a jeweled altar, is said to hold the deepest wishes of the heart - not what we think we want, but the deeper longing of the soul within. It is believed that when we truly wish upon this tree, and release those wishes, the Kalpataru bestows even more than is desired, leading to freedom.

Lie down comfortably. Take a few moments to ground yourself, get centered, relax your muscles. Make sure you are in an environment that feels safe and comfortable.

Breathe deeply, in...and out... Become aware of your heartbeat. Listen to its rhythm. Imagine each pulsation of your heart pumping blood all through your body, through the intricate network of arteries and veins. Imagine each of these pathways above your heart as branches of a tree, below your heart, as roots to the tree, teeming with life. Follow the path of oxygen as it is pumped out through the heart, out through your chest, your shoulders, down your arms, into your hands, and back again. Follow it again down your belly, your legs, knees and feet, and back up again through your body, and home, to the core. Every drop of blood that passes through the heart returns to be refreshed again with breath, air, and life.

Your heart is a sacred tree. Its branches are threads of a web of life extending all through your body, and then out into the world. The trunk of the tree is you - your core, your being, your central self. From this core dig roots, the foundation of the tree. Their pathways find the food and water that support and give us substance. From this core spring branches, their leaves but the wishes of the heart. They collect the sun and wind that make you grow. They flower and fruit and fall upon the ground to grow again. All that is expressed eventually returns.

In front of this tree lies a jeweled altar. Make an offering to this altar, either something you are willing to give up, like a bad habit, or something you are willing to give of yourself, like creativity, loyalty, or healing. Make this offering as a symbol of exchange for granting your wish.

Next, breathe into your heart and feel its pain and joy. Feel the deep longings of the soul within. Do no define this longing specifically, but feel its essence. Let the feelings increase, breathing into them. Feel them through your whole body, pulsing outward, returning, pulsing outward again. Allow this longing to fill the branches of the tree.

When the tree is saturated with the deepest wishes of your heart, imagine that a single bird comes into the tree. The bird flies to the center of the tree, cocks its head to one side, cocks its head to the other, and listens deeply to the longing and wishes that have been expressed. Have a moment of communion with this bird that lives inside your heart. As you do, hold the bird close into your heart and let your heart (not your mind) speak its wishes to the bird. Let it come from the yearning; if specific images come to mind, fine, but don't search for them. When you feel complete, kiss the bird good-bye and gently release it to fly away. Set it free to do your work. Let it go and forget about it. The bird will carry your wishes to the powers that be, so that they may be fulfilled in the best way possible for all concerned.


03/07/11 04:47:47PM @amaya:

Sleepy, Did you try the tree meditation already? Let us knowwhen you get your wish! It takes sometimes quite a while for them to come true- like more than a year - but they almost always do, if we can get out of our own way and let it happen the way it wants to (and not the way we want it to). :-)