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Clearing and Balancing the Sacral (Navel) Chakra

By: Amaya
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Note: This blog entry is part of a series on psychic development. Find the index for the series here.


In her book on the chakra system, Anodea Judith writes (page 133-134),

Clairsentience is the psychic sense of the second chakra, the first stirrings of "higher" consciousness and the development of greater sensitivity toward others. Clairsentience is the ability to sense other people's emotions, also called empathy....This "sensing" does not always become information recognized by the cognitive properties of the brain. It is experienced more as a subtle feeling, as if we were experiencing the feeling ourselves. Just as we can ignore some of our own emotions, many clairsentient people do not recognize the emotions they pick up from others, yet their body and ensuing actions still respond. Still others may recognize the emotions while not understanding that the source was outside of themselves....

Most people are clairsentient to some degree. The phenomenon usually occurs more strongly in people who have a proclivity for clairvoyance or telepathy, characteristic of the upper chakras. If the upper chakras are not open enough to be conscious of this psychism, the clairsentient is often unpleasantly influenced. Their attention is constantly whisked outside of their central column, and others' difficulties speak more loudly than their own voices....[In this case,] grounding is of utmost importance for it brings our attention into the central line of our body, helping us sort out "whose energy is whose." Recognition of the phenomenon is the next step. Knowing the difference between your own and another's emotional needs helps to consciously tune out unwanted broadcasts. Many clairsentients feel compelled to respond to the needs they psychically pick up from others and, with recognition, this can become a choice rather than a duty.

If you took the chakra quizand found that your sacral chakra is out of balance, some additional attention to this area in your cleansing and clearing meditations will help. One option is to simply spend more time on that area during the basic meditation. For more focused work, you can try a YouTube video or a specialized meditation. I've provided my favorites of each below. If you find one that you like better, please post it in the comments so that everyone will be able to try it out.

Here is a YouTube video that youcanlisten to and watch to help you with clearing the sacral chakra. It uses the swirling orange color visual cue from the basic clearing meditation, and addsTibetan singing bowls and solfeggio frequencies for a more powerful clearing experience.

The sacral chakra, despite its bright orange color, corresponds to the element of water. Anodea Judith provides the followingwater-based meditational ritual in her book (page 135). Use it as written, or adapt it to fit your own spiritual beliefs and practices.

Step One

Water is cleansing, both internally and externally. Begin with a large glass of water, and sit quietly while you drink it. Feel it pouring down inside you. Feel the coolness of it, the wetness, and feel as it hits your stomach. Imagine it passing all through your body - your veins, muscles, digestive system. Take a wet finger and rub it on your face, feeling the cool, refreshing quality.

Step Two

The next step is to clean yourself. This is a ritual water cleansing and should be both thorough and enjoyable. You can use a shower, a bath, a lake, stream, or even a hot tub. Make sure the area around you is clean; it is hard to feel clean in a dirty environment.

If it is a bath or shower you are choosing, pick your favorite towels, soaps, and lotions and have them nearby. If it is a stream, have a smooth, flat area where you can lie out to dry. If a hot tub, arrange some privacy for yourself afterward.

As you soak yourself in water, go through each part of your body, saying: "Now my hands shall be clean; now my feet shall be clean; now my face shall be clean," etc. Become one with the water. When you are through, visualize the water taking away any negativity you don't want in your life. If you are in a natural environment, you could throw something (non-polluting) in the water to signify that negativity; if you are in an urban environment, some symbolic liquid can be thrown in the toilet, or down the drain.

As you lounge in your bath with the water around you, think of the ebb and flow cycles in your life. Look at yourself as an instrument of movement. If you were to stand back and look at yourself from another dimension, what patters would you notice in your movements through life?

Think of the things you would like to get rid of in your life at this time - habits, tendencies, hurts, or fears. See them flowing out of you, through your grounding cord, like a river flowing out to the sea. Imagine the rain coming down and refilling the river with fresh water, replenishing it.

Then think of the things you would like to have come into your life - new patterns, people, or events. Imagine a waterfall over your head, pouring these blessings upon you. Feel yourself taking them in and letting them flow through your whole body.

Yemaya is the African Goddess of the sea, the great Mother. "She is envisioned as a large and beautiful woman, radiant and dark; nurturing and devouring; crystal clear and mysteriously deep." She is the nurturer, the consoler, the healer, the maternal one whose belly is as big as all life. As you sit in your bath, imagine yourself being rocked and nurtured by this great sea-mother. Feel yourself in the womb of the Goddess, about to be born. Ask Her what purposes She has for you in this birth. Ask Her for help in making your birth smooth and easy. Accept Her nurturing. Take it into yourself, and imagine sharing it with others. Thank Her for your birth.

Dress yourself in clean clothes. Pour yourself another glass of water, and drink it silently, thinking about the cyclic nature of water, and how you fit into those cycles. If possible, visit a large body of water soon.


03/05/11 11:04:07AM @amaya:
Thanks, Rayanne! I regularly attend a new moon gathering where all 7 chakra-tuned crystal singing bowls are played, and the clearing that the sounds provoke is very powerful. This is the first video that I've seen on YouTube that captures the sound of the bowl well enough to actually work through computer speakers. I just discovered the video today, and am right now enjoying her other videos very much too. I'll post them for the other chakras as well, when I have a little more free time.