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Clearing and Energizing the Root Chakra (Grounding)

By: Amaya
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Note: This blog entry is part of a series on psychic development. Find the index for the series here.


In her book, Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System, Anodea Judith, Ph.D. writes (page 365),

Energy flows in two ways in the chakra system - vertically, as it passes up and down connecting all the chakras, and horizontally, as it passes into and out from each chakra, interfacing with the world outside. The vertical channel can be thought of as the basic source, while the horizontal flow is the expression of that source.

The vertical channel is a polaric flow between the earth and the heavens - between matter and consciousness. In order for this flow to be full, each end of the spectrum must be open and connected to the raw energy source particular to it.

If the first chakra is closed, then the upward flow of liberating energy is blocked off. Cosmic energy may still come in through the crown chakra, but it has no pull from the lower body to move toward manifestation. Ideas may proliferate, creativity and awareness may be high - but the person has a hard time finishing projects or directing his life. The consciousness may consist of loosely formed ideas or fantastic but impractical schemes that never come to fruition.

Yikes, right? Clearly our first chakra, the root chakra, is something that we should pay close attention to. EC member Shae Vere wrote a great blog entryabout this topic a long while ago, and she includes a selection of YouTube videos that she found helpful in her process of clearing blockages in her root chakra. I encourage you to try them and see if you like them.


Anodea Judith's massive bookon the chakra systemincludes a number of exercises for balancing the root chakra. One that I like a lotis this grounding meditation (page 86-87):

Find a comfortable chair, and sit with your back straight and both feet planted firmly on the floor. Take a deep breath. Feel your body expand and contract as you breathe. Feel your legs, your feet, and the floor they are placed on. Feel the solidity of that contact. Feel the chair beneath you. Feel the weight of your body in it, and how the force of gravity naturally pulls you downward, easily, soothingly.

Bring your attention to your feet. Ever so slightl press your feet into the floor and feel your legs engage with the Earth plane. Do not let this pressure become tension so that the muscles in your legs tighten, but feel a subtle current of energy running from your first chakra down into the Earth. Try to keep this current going as we move on to grounding the upper body.

As you tune into the weight of your body, you will gradually become aware of a center of gravity at the base of your spine. Feel how your body is now resting on that point, and focus on it as if it were an anchor, holding you down. When you feel anchored at this spot, you can begin to integrate the rest of your body into your grounding.

Tune into your torso, focusing your attention on the central channel of your body. This is not the spine, which is closer to the back of the body, but that part of our internal core that is aligned over our center of gravity.

Take a moment to align the top of your head, your throat, heart, stomach, and abdomen - all the other chakras - with the base chakra on which they rest. Take a deep breath and allow this alignment to gently settle in and balance over the first chakra.

We have now established a vertical column of energy. Imagine this column as a great cord - preferably of a deep red color - running from far above your head, through the center of your body, and down into the ground, passing directly through the empty space between your seat and the floor. Take special time to make sure this cord runs through your anchor point in the first chakra and continues not only to the ground, but deep down into it. If you can, visualize it going all the way to the center of the Earth - with the Earth's gravitational field pulling it down to its core.

Spend some time at this point checking to keep all the parts going - the feet slightly pressing into the floor, the chakras aligned directly over each other, the red column of energy pulling us downward, the harmonious feel fo gravity rooting us, anchoring our physical and subtle bodies together.

Gradually let your torso sway forward and back, side to side, and then in a circular motion over this first chakra point. Notice how the point at the base of your spine does not move - yet the body moves around it. We want to be able to keep our grounding even in movement, and this allows the body to practice this skill.

Allow excess tension to drain off into the ground, still keeping the feet slightly pressed into the floor. Then return to stillness once again.

I use this exercisein combination with, and every time I dothe basic cleansing/clearing/energizing meditation, which I do almost every day. At the beginning of the meditation, before starting the steps as written, I imagine myself being showered with cosmic energy from the heavens. Then Iimagine the red grounding cord described above, except that I reverse the flow from what's suggested by Anodea Judith, imagining instead that the cord comes from the center of the earth, passes through my core channel, and extends infinitely out into the heavens. Cosmic energy raining down, Earth energy flowing up. After I have the twoideas firmly in my mind, I start swirling. :-)


Happy grounding!

03/04/11 10:40:06PM @amaya:
No, it's not necessary to do it seated. I've done it standing and lying down too, although I will admit that I don't like it the lying down way because it feels like things don't line up right for me that way. It can be easier to focus, mentally, if it's done without any other distractions, such as walking or dancing, but if you're able to do it that way and like it, go for it!