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3.3 Symbolism

By: Amaya
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Note: This blog entry is part of a series on psychic development. Find the index for the series here.

There are lots of different types of psychic communication. Most often, psychic information is transmitted through some combination of flashes of knowing, feeling, hearing, and/or seeing, and even smelling and tasting sometimes too. The trick comes in figuring out how all of these flashes go together, figuring out their meaning.

You've heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." (Even more so for some of us that read pictures!) To give you an idea of how complicated some things can be to put into words, here are some examples:

What do you think of when you see this picture?

What do you think of when you hear this song?

What do you think of when you smell freshly-bakedchocolate chip cookies?

What do you think of when you taste pizza?

What would the same things mean to someone in an aboriginal culture, that had never seen the picture, heard the song, or tasted cookies or pizza? These items carry meaning for you as a result of your personal experience, your personal knowledge of them. Theyare symbols that represent larger ideas and concepts.

Most of the time, the things we want our intuition to do for us involve large ideas and concepts: What is my purpose in life? Will I mean that special someone? I'm not happy in my work; what should I do? How can I mend a strained relationship with a certain friend or family member?

Symbolism isamajor part oftheway that our intuition communicates with us. Consider symbolism to be your intuitive vocabulary. The more you can learn about symbolism, the more effectively you can communicate with your intuitive ability.

Over the next several weeks, we will explore and learn about symbolism. Find the first week's lesson here.