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3.2 Visualization

By: Amaya
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NOTE: This blog entry is part of a series about psychic development. Find the index for the series here.

In Intro to Meditation, we practiced getting into a no-thought state. In this segment, we'll introduce thought to our no-thought state. Specifically, we'll get our third eye warmed up by looking at imaginary items that we introduce into our meditative space.


On the first day of this exercise, start your meditation and reach your no-thought state. Once all other thoughts have fallen away, imagine an orange floating in front of you. See it in as much detail as possible. How orange is it? Is it ripe? See the way the light shines off of the texture of its skin. Grab it with your imaginary hands. Is it cold? Sticky? Smooth? What does it smell like? Take time with it, andexperience it withall of your senses. Peel the orange. Feel the juice running down your hands. Taste the orange. Is it sweet? When you start getting bored with your orange, put the orange back together and return it to its starting point, floating in front of you. Let the orange dissolve into nothingness. Return to your no-thought state, and end your meditation when you like.

Each day afterward, for a week or so, choose something else to imagine. Start with simple objects, then progress to items with more detail. Maybe you imagine your TV remote control, the contents of your refrigerator, your childhood bedroom, your spouse's face, your vehicle's dashboard, or a favorite piece of art. The options are endless.

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