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The Second Pillar of Psychic Ability - The Spirit

By: Amaya
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NOTE: This blog post is part of a series. Find the index for the series here.

The ability to accurately perceive and interpret psychically-received information has a lot to do with physical health, which I called the First Pillar. It also has a lot to do witha person'sspiritual condition.

The Importance of Spiritual Clarity

The spirit is the mediumthrough which all psychic information is filtered. If it's clogged up with unhelpful things, the messages aren't going to get through clearly. Cleaning out the spirit sometimes seems to be a never-ending process, much like an onion. One layer is peeled away, merely to reveal another layer. After a few layers, though, it does get easier.

I've noticed that there are a few key spiritual ingredients thatseem to besuper-important in the process of becoming stronger and more accurate with one's intuitive abilities. The one we'll work on for our firstthree exercisesis compassion. After that, we'll move on to trust, or faith. We'll talk more about faith as we move on to some exercises dealing with suspending disbelief. Finally, we'll talk a little about the ethics of psychic work andpracticeusing the basicethical principles.

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Please, add whatever you'd like. I was hoping everyone who wanted to post classes would. I think Spiritual developement is a oint effort and the more the merry. This sounds great! :)