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The First Pillar of Psychic Ability - The Body

By: Amaya
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NOTE: This blog post is part of a series. Find the index for the series here.

Consider, if you will, that your psychic ability is really a dinner table. That table has three parts: the legs, the table top, and what you're serving for dinner. In this metaphor, your physical body is the legs of the table. It holds the whole enterprise up, so that you and your dinner guests are not eating off the floor. You, of course, CAN eat off the floor, but it's much easier and more pleasant to eat at a table that has legs.

My advice on this topic will probably not surprise you. My guess is that you've heard this before somewhere: eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.

You Are What You Eat

This isn't about being on a diet. It's not about losing weight. It's about returning your body to a state of health. It's about recognizing that it's hard tofocus on your intuitionwhen your stomach is upset, your body aches, your head hurts, and your body's chemistry is all messed up.

  1. Give your body what it needs - Nutrition is both very complicated and super basic, depending on how you look at it. I've done tons of research about nutrition, and what it all seems to boil down to is pretty simple. Eat lots of vegetables, especially the dark green leafy variety. Enjoy whole fruits (not juice). Eat lots of fiber - legumes and whole grains being a good way to do it. Go for lean protein. Eat good fats, like olive oil, nuts, avocados, and stuff like that. Drink lots of just plain water.
  2. Stop giving it what it doesn't need - What your body doesn't need is anything refined. White flours, refined sugars, fruit juices, and anything that you might find at a fast food restaurant thatisn't similar to Chipotle. Your system isn't set up to deal with that kind of food, so give it a break and stop making it work so hard.
  3. Stop giving it what it doesn't like - Everyone has their particular food sensitivities and/or allergies. If you pay attention to your body's signals, you should be able to figure out what at least some of them are. Gluten and dairy tend to be common ones that many people have issues with, but there are plenty of others. Don't be shy about cutting the offenders out of your diet. It can make a super-huge difference in the way that your whole body functions. If you want to explore this more, I recommend visiting a naturopathic physician for a food allergy test. It will cost you about $500 total for the visit and test, but it's reallyso worth it.

  4. My opinion regarding drugs in general - I have to admit that I do indulge in the occasional glass of wine (or half a bottle). I also drink caffeinated tea every morning. In the past, I have done a lot of drugs, bothprescribed and not.What I will say is that it is my opinion that any chemicals you put into your body will alter your body's chemistry (duh, right?). Altered body chemistry WILL affect your ability to receive clear intuitive impressions. It might only have a small effect, but there will be an effect. Your body is set up to be naturally intutive; it's best to abstain from all drugs and alcohol in as much as it is reasonable for you to do so.


Our bodies are set up to exercise. Lifting, dragging, carrying, walking, chasing, running, playing, dancing... That's what our bodies were designed to do all day. They were NOT designed to sit at a computer for hours on end. Exercise has so many beneficial effects for the body that I can't really stress its importance enough.

There are many sets of recommendations out there for how much to exercise. I would encourage you to exercise as much as is reasonable, aiming for at least 30 minutes of brisk walking every day. It can be chopped up into chunks, of course, like 15 minutes before lunch, and 15 minutes before dinner. If you can fit it more time, or more vigorous exercise, good for you! I'm a big fan of strength training, too, if you can fit it in.


Americans are chronically sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation has a number of negative affects on the body. In terms of psychic development, being sleep-deprived will make it harder for you to maintain the kind of focus necessary.

Every person has their own perfect amount of sleep. For me, it's about 8 hours. If you have trouble getting enough sleep, take a look at what changes you can make in your lifestyle to help you get more and better quality sleep. There are a ton of articles available on the subject; let us know if you would like help finding some.

The road to better physical health is walked one step at a time. Make some small changes in your usual routine starting today, and keep making small changes every so often until you get to the place that you want to be.

01/12/11 08:27:16PM @amaya:
Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! With the strange rollercoaster I've been on with my food allergies, the body-mind-spirit connection has become quite clear to me over the past few years. There are certainly days when doing the healthy thing requires a whole lot more willpower than other days, but I never regret NOT abusing my body. :-)
02/04/11 12:13:34PM @amaya:
Ha ha! Thanks Jenn! Just trying to keep it real! I think it's important to be reasonable about our lifestyle, practicing moderation in all things, including our pursuit of good health. :-) I mean, some days you've just gotta have a cupcake or a glass of wine! Just not EVERY day.
09/09/13 08:57:46AM @amaya:

Hi Kerri,

Medications are funny things. What I can tell you from my personal experience is that our bodies are remarkably resilient. If you have a constant level of medication in your system at all times, such as your thyroid medication would be, your brain will nearly alwaysfind a way to re-wire around it and you'll be fine. In some cases, especially if the medication is solving a problem (like thyroid levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, neurochemical balance, etc.), you may find you have better psychic reception on the medication than off of it.The key is to hold the meds at a constant level, so the periods when you'regoing on and coming off a certain med may require you to be a little patient with yourself and your brain as it acclimates to its new environment.

Pain meds are a different category. Science shows that pain meds also blunt emotional pain in addition to physical pain, and unfortunately, you need to be able to feel emotional pain to do psychic work.That's how it works for me, anyway,because when I take pain meds, my gift shuts right down.

So, you'll want to work with your doctor to identify the correct medications and dosages, and then stick to the dosing schedule as closely as possible to get that constant level of medication going in your system. Does that help explain?