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Psychic Development Workshop - Index

By: Amaya
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Afterseeing tons and tons of questions here on EC about psychic development, I put togetherthis self-paced online workshop for developingintuitive abilites. Considerit to be a collection of what I believe to be the most important steps in the journey toward becoming more intuitive. Although itis oriented toward empaths, these are techniques that anyone can use.

How to Use This Course

The workshop is specifically structured for those with no current relationship with their psychic ability, kind of a Psychic 101 course. If you already have a working knowledge of your intuitive abilities, feel free to take what you need from the various lessons,skipping those sections that you've already mastered. Although I consider the course to be complete in its current state, Iexpect that I will still add things to it over time. If there's something that you'd like to see discussed that doesn't appear to be covered here, please let me know.

I encourage you to keep a journal of your experiences and/or to participate in the discussion threads for each exercise.

Table of Contents

1. The First Pillar of Psychic Ability - The Body

2. The Second Pillar of Psychic Ability - The Spirit

2.1 Cultivating Compassion

Exercise 1: Walking a Mile (Compassion for Total Strangers)

Exercise 2: Forgiving (Compassion for Someone Who Has Wronged Us)

Exercise 3:Loving the Demon Within (Compassion for Ourselves)

2.2 Finding Faith

Exercise 1: Going With Your Gut

Exercise 2: The Walk Sign Game

2.3 Suspending Disbelief

Exercise: Getting From No to Maybe

2.4 Psychic Ethics

Exercise 1: Holding Back the Helper

Exercise 2: Keeping Confidences

3. The Third Pillar of Psychic Ability - The Mind

3.1 Intro to Meditation(Exercise Discussion Thread)

3.2 Visualization(Exercise Discussion Thread)

3.3 Symbolism

3.3.1 Techniques for Learning the Language of the Psychic Experience

3.3.2 Archetypes

3.3.3 Culturally-Specific Themes and Symbols

3.3.4 Personal Symbols

3.3.5 Putting It All Together

3.4 Cleansing, Clearing, Grounding

3.4.1 Basic Meditation

3.4.2 Soul Agreements - Clearing Meditation

3.4.3 Energetic Cords -Cutting Meditation (coming soon...)

3.4.4 Optional Extra Chakra Meditations(Chakra Health Quiz)

Chakra 1: Root (Grounding)

Chakra 2:Sacral/Navel

Chakra 3: Solar Plexus

Chakra 4: Heart

Chakra 5: Throat

Chakra 6: Third Eye

Chakra 7: Crown

3.4.5 Body-Mind Energy Medicine

3.5 Psychic Protection

3.6 Your Personal Sanctuary

3.7 Meeting your Spiritual Guidance Council

3.7.1 YouTube Guided Meditations

3.7.2 Self-Guided Meditation 1 (less visual)

3.7.3 Self-Guided Meditation 2 (Sandy B's more visual version)

3.8 Journey to the Akashic Records

3.9 Past Life Soul Retrieval

4. Beyond the Pillars - Using the Gift to Help Others

4.1 Your Psychic Toolbox

4.2 Setting the Stage

4.3 The Intuitive Process

4.3.1 Initial Impressions

4.3.2 Asking the Right Questions

4.3.3 Knowing When You're Done

4.4 Communicating Your Intuitive Impressions

4.5 Dealing with Feedback

02/10/11 02:36:39PM @armando:
I hope you know how greatly appreciated you are Amaya! We haven't had the pleasure of "chatting" but I do see how much of yourself you give and I think that is worth acknowleding. I'm sure I don't speak for myself when I say how blessed we are to have you ;-) I've been wanting to get to this and you just made it that much easier, thank you
03/05/11 09:53:29PM @amaya:
Hi you all! FYI, I built a playlist of all seven ofthose fabulous chakra-balancing videos and embedded itin a commenton the 3.4.1 Basic Meditation entry. It will be really nice to listen to the tones and/or watch the videos while you're doing the meditation. :-)
09/18/11 09:58:52PM @amaya:

My pleasure! It's still not done yet, but I intend to get to those last two sections as soon as life slows down a little. I think I started this project back in January, soI definitely want to get it done before January rolls around again! :-) Oh, and if any of you have thought of anything you'd like to see added, please speak up! I also intend to get to those reading requests that are sitting out there on the past life thread at some point...

10/25/11 09:09:59PM @amaya:
Holy smokes, it's done! Thanks to all of you that have been following!
10/26/11 10:21:30AM @roxanne:

I've only just seen this and read through the table of contents and I'm blown backwards by the adept knowledge (and skillful organized presentation) And by that I mean WHOA! YOU GO GIRL!

Guess you've been keeping yourself busy since we last spoke. hahaa I love it. Gonna grab me a cup of coffee and start reading.

Be blessed, friend. Hope all is well in your world.


01/21/13 03:37:20PM @dice:

:) Thank you!

Merin Eliz
05/20/13 12:49:44AM @merin-eliz:

thank you. :)

08/30/13 08:41:39PM @ecila:

Wow, you're the teacher I've been looking for! Wish I had looked in here months ago...Impressive work.

08/30/13 09:10:40PM @amaya:

Aw, shucks... Thanks, Ecila! I haven't been around much lately, but I shouldbe more availablefor at least the next few monthsdue to a big change in my family responsibilities. Let me know if you have any questions!