Alexandria Coleman

My world feels like it is crashing down

By: Alexandria Coleman
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In the past few weeks I have learned about different situations going on in my family that it has me on over load. I want to just escape but I have children to keep me grounded.I normally do pretty good blocking out or filtering other people's emotions but since I'm on the brink with my own self I feel like I have been bombarded with everyone else around me. I have been left weak, tired and achey everyday. Working out at the gym has been my release or a drive through the park. I am hoping soon this will blow over.
Kit Kat
08/30/15 05:44:49PM @kit-kat:

I hope things get better for you soon... I can really relate to what you wrote, because I feel like I haven't had much of a break either lately. You're definitely right that it's hard to do blocking when feeling drained emotionally or physically! But I, too am grateful for those things that help, like exercise and alone time..