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08/28/17 10:08:33AM @aerial:

Hello fellow empaths, 

I'm a newbie, well I think Ive always known I was one since childhood. I had a turbulent childhood, left school at 11 as a runaway ( but even then I kind of saw a problem with authority/hierarchy/domination). After many years of experimenting with drugs, traveling I landed a job in Local Government UK even in there I saw all the problems the most vulnerable face and turned to support work. I then went backward and forwards to Africa and got a huge awakening of the worlds most vulnerable. I then decided to study a degree in anthropology which I have just successfully's the nest bit my next research project is to look into how we can as a global society move towards a global basic for free to end all suffering. Not sure f it will work but hey. 

I would really like some advice though about a current theme that keeps occurring in my life, people are drawn to me when they become depressed and suicidal...I've recently supported a close friend over the past few months and now feel completely lost as if the depression has come over me...Before this event this year had been going well I was even enjoying it all. But then this happened and I feel so alone. How do you guys create boundaries, i really think I don't know how. Whenever someone comes to me in need i seem to go into autopilot then into overdrive and now I feel burnout and depressed. Is this a common experience? I seem to follow my intuition all the time and synchronicity seems to happen to me a lot, also wondered if anyone had any thoughts about what all of that is about? 

Anyway guys thanks for listening, Aerial.