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fragments of him everywhere

By aaliyah, 2017-11-22
I'm reading peoples posts on here and I feel like someone I know is reaching out to me? Everything iv read is as if im reading fragments of his life and he narrating to me mine, I do not understand what's going on? Iv sent him an email though I vowed myself I would never bother him again, but I need answers there's more to him than meets the eye and I feel like divine energy (god) is pulling our strings in one way. I don't believe in soulmates but no matter how much I pull away we end up together again. I'm so confused, and he's teased the devil out in me so to speak and I have in him I believe.. I wish he would just reach out to me 😔

how to detatch from another empath

By aaliyah, 2017-11-06
What are best ways to detach from another empath who both have feelings for each other? Being in a relationship is not on the cards for various reasons, but it's the most awkward situation iv ever been in.

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