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I'm a highly sensitive, intuitive empath. I like to help and connect with other kindred souls.

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12/05/15 09:32:19PM @moderator-2:

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12/12/15 10:53:01PM @rene:
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Cat Whisperer
12/13/15 06:11:13AM @cat-whisperer:
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12/13/15 11:34:42AM @momegs:
Thank you very much Blessed be.
12/20/15 12:38:28PM @gem:
Thanks so much for the friend request and kind advice :) x
12/28/15 12:40:24AM @karma:
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12/28/15 01:00:16AM @karma:

We are on the same page :)

The world and universe are the most amazing things (no word says it beautiful enough) people just do not see (nor care to) exactly how amazing nature and life is.

I wonder what goes on in the heads of the most people, accepting of the hum drum, `that`s life`, `gotta pay my taxes, it makes me a good/better person`....

To me its the craziest of all thought processes :)

Our minds are open to absorb so much (yet, as you say never will, because there is so much, the more you learn and receive the more there is to learn and receive) We are such amazing beings yet only a tiny percentage recognizes it.

Would love to chat :)

Thanks for the add

01/02/16 05:59:41AM @marta:
Thank you for the friend add! :)
Kit Kat
02/15/16 05:19:25PM @kit-kat:

Thanks for the friend request! I know, when I read your discussion board post I could totally relate! A secret: I'm overwhelmed by my greatness, too :)

Kit Kat
02/16/16 05:39:11PM @kit-kat:

Aw, thank you for the gift! That's really sweet :)

02/17/16 12:19:41PM @ecila:

Have a wonderful day, Lotusfly!

02/22/16 06:52:48PM @dice:
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06/24/17 04:31:45PM @bing:

Hi Lotusfly

I have added your topic that was posted in the Library of Light to this topic. 

I wish to thank you for posting it in the Library as it is now helping others on Facebook.  

Throw some love into the wind.