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My 6 yearold was having a hard time sleeping so I let her lay with me for awhile the other night. Shortly before I had gone outside to get something out of the pickup. When I stepped onto the porch outside the back door there was the aroma heavy of cherry chapstick! My husband was with me and he smelled it too. We went to the pickup and when we came back, the smell was gone. After my daughter laid down in my bed i was in the bathroom and she asked me if I whistled at her. I said no, she asked if I heard the whistle. I had not. I came in to lay down next to her and then there was a whistle come from behind me, clear as day. My daughters eyes got wide and she asked me again if I had heard that. I did and let her know that i had heard it too. She said I think it is a spirit mom. Why do they keep bothering me? My question is, I guess, do they whistle frequently to get someone's attention? I have never had anyone whistle. My husband stayed up later that night to let our daughter sleep with me for awhile, he came in asking if she was talking in her sleep because he heard someone talking! He is an empath like both myself and the girls. It seems that activitiy is growing around us tho and some of these things are new to us! I was unsure where to post this. Any ideas or thoughts are welcome! Thanks.

10/25/15 05:12:46PM @chris3:
Hello, did you ever find out where they were coming from? Just curious
Scott Yates
10/26/15 05:39:30AM @scott-yates:

The spirits won't leave you alone because your family is very high in psychic energy. After all, the empathic ability is a psychic ability. Being an ex-paranormal investigator, I have found that spirits come to highly psychic people for 2 reasons: 1....to feed off the energy which drains the living and 2.....because your the one they can communicate with on whatever level. If they're "wearing out their welcome" so to speak, you may want to cleanse your home, removing them completely and then blessing/protect your home against anymore spirits entering.

10/26/15 07:51:11AM @5wildponies:

Thanks Scott Yates. I'm figuring this out as I go! No Chris, I have not found out where they were coming from. We have had all kinds of experiences, the whistling was just new to us! I do cleanse the house every so often. They bother my youngest daughter a lot at night, it goes from restless sleep to nightmares and that's when it's time to cleanse again. We have tried having her be assertive and tell them to leave her alone at night, but it only seems to work for a few. Just like in real life some are respectful and others not so much! Thanks for the input!

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