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I have a question. Both my daughter and myself are empathic. She I think is a bit more. However, both of us experience feelings of complete body vibrations frequently when we are either relaxed or laying down to sleep. She has brought it to my attention when it is happening to her and I cannot feel it and I have brought it to my husband's attention and he can not feel it. It seems to be completely internal. Is this a part of our gifts or some other scientifical reason?

10/17/15 08:20:31PM @alledius:

Both of you could possibly be feeling your own energy. I've done that for as long as I can remember. It's what's used to make, for example, psychic energy balls. While others have to engage in some sort of physical movement in order to make it more noticeable so they can use it, for others, like me and possibly you and your daughter, it simply floats up from the psychic energetic level to the physical level. When it happens again, try letting yourself sink into the feeling and see what you can learn from it. Try to determine if it's coming from inside or an external source.

10/19/15 06:03:56AM @dice:

I feel the same thing.... now for a while I thought there might be something wrong with me. Nothing has surfaced medically. Many times have I felt vibrations and thought it was my phone.... but I realized I was not wearing my phone.It canbe weak at times and other timesoff the charts.

Alledius seems to have some information on the topic which is good. Until you posted this did I realize I have done this mostly since my awakening. There were so many things happening all at once!I just had to deal with one thing at a time as theysurfaced~conscious of them..

One another note.. if it gets bothersome you could have her checked by a doctor. Then you could rule out some things or get information necessary to move through it.

Light & Love


10/19/15 08:31:15AM @5wildponies:

Thanks for the input!

11/06/15 05:17:28PM @logan:

Hi, I know exactly what you are going through. You need to begin by reading Robert Monroe. These vibrations are the pre-cursers to having an out of body experience (OBE) Just research "OBE vibrations", "Robert Monroe vibrations".

You are both very close to the special state of being able to travel as consciousness. Many people fear this, and who wouldn't? We are all conditioned and taught our whole lives that this body is us. But it is not, it is only a vessel.

Eckart tolle, buddhism, Robert Monroe, Tom Campell (look into his youtube videos he worked with Robert Monroe and is a Nasa Physicist) and many others all agree that our consciousness is who we are and that consciousness can separate from our bodies before we die, and after we die.

I know this sounds woo woo, but I have a science background, and I have always been a logical thinker, and once I dove into this rabbit hole a whole new beautiful world opened up for me.

Embrace your gift, you have something so so special, and do not fear it -- fear just comes from human conditioning and belief-- and those are not who you are at your core. If you follow those vibrations you and your daughter could have many amazing journeys, learn to heal, and exercise amazing power.

Tell me how it goes I'm fascinated you were just given this gift, most people have to try to summon those vibrations.

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