missed call from a deceased person?!

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Today I was out doing chores. I came in to a missed call from a number I did not recognize, but knew it was from a town I moved from a year ago. I called the number back only to find out that it came from a couples home that I had taken care of while doing home health. The husband (whome I had known most of my life and my daughter loved) passed away this May. His wife, same as above, has aphasia and cannot speak any longer. She also does not use the phone. I spoke with her son who I have met. He explained that he too was out working when he came in and saw a missed call from my number twice to his home, yet he did not call me ever! The mother's phone is old and does not have numbers stored in it and I never called their home nor do I have their number stored on my phone! Their son was very confused (as am I). i ended the call by telling him to please tell his mom that i miss her and love her very much. Does anyone have any feelings about this? I am wondering if her husband had anything to do with this? Or just what the heck is going on!! Thanks for any thoughts!

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My family had a similiar incident happen with my FIL when he passed. It was actually the day of the funeral after we got back to my MIL's house. We were all outside on the patio when the house phone rang. I answered the phone and there was nobody there, but the called ID said his name. She went inside and pulled out his cellphone from his drawer. The cell phone had no service and was dead! There was no way anyone could have used the phone to call anywhere. So we knew it was him wanting to talk to his wife.

Crazy stuff happens like that. Your open to the paranormal, I wouldn't say Medium, but your definitly sensitive to spiritual energy, which is probably why he came to you. You know the family and you are the closest medium/sensativie to him, so he was probably trying to contact you to relay a message.

Did you get the feeling that it was him and was needing to say something to his wife? I'll just give you what I'm picking up, but it felt like he's staying behind for awhile to be near her. Is she sick and is she older? I'm picking up some illness around her. I can't really do a third party reading on her, against the rules, I have no doubt she is grieving, but he feels concerned about her and her well being. She feels his presence, alot. He doesn't seem to leave to far from her. It took him awhile to realized he passed away, but he realizes it now and feels concerned about her. She may need extra help because I'm feeling some physical things, but much of it is also emotional. He's showing me that they were tightly connected. He is also showing me that he always took care of her, but he is not here to do that anymore, yet he is still trying,lol. Listen, I'm not here to instill fear or panic or anything, but I can't give messages that aren't true either, but it feels like she may need some extra professional help to get her through this. The family really loves her, but it's easy to look at sadness and depression as part of the grieving process and only time will heal that wound, but it feels like he wants to her to get some extra help. He doesn't want anyone to worry about him, he say's he is fine, which is true. The state he is at is earthbound, which means that once he knows she will be ok without him, he will leave to where he needs to go. He won't be stuck here because their is a purpose for him being here right now. But I would maybe touch basis with her, if possible, or the son, and see if she could use some extra professional help, especially emotionally.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Many blessings,


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