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Ok. All my life I have not really fit with any group of people. I get along just fine, takes me a long time to get comfortable enough to let people into my life. I really do prefer animals and ranch life, in the middle of nowhere! i cannot handle crowds well at all. Recently I met a person who identified me immediately, as well as my two girls, as empaths. I was shocked, but so happy to finally have someone to talk to about our life situations. She gave me a small chunck of obsidian rock to carry with me. I am a caregiver by trade, have been for more years than I can count. I deal with veterans, all whome have mental disorders as well as physical. This obsidian has been a lifesaver for me! The day I started carrying it I felt much less pain and much less emotion, I could do my job with a smile again, and go home without being so onry to my family. I carry it almost always now. I saged my home for the first time a week ago. My youngest has slept every night since through the night without nightmares or spirits keeping her up. She came to me extatic telling me "mom, the blue girl didn't bother me last night and the lights quite flashing in my room"!! I am doing my best to learn about my own abilities which seem to be opening up right now and support my children. My 6 yearold is all over learning about her gifts, but my teenager is not so much! I will help the as they want and need. I am not a pushy person. If they embrace it fantastic, if not that's okay too. I recently have been having clairvoyant times with strangers as they go buy, no real attachment or knowledge of them at all, at all at whim. I don't go searching to practice my gifts. I also have feelings and am unsure of the nature of them, then within hours I meet someone dealing with something completely explaining all of my feelings as theirs. Learning to discern these is a challenge for me! I can usually figure out that it is not my feelings especially when i'm driving and for no good reason my mood changes dramatically. I'm not sure I have any real questions or am just so happy to still keep reading everyone's posts and being able to relate that I just want to talk!! I want to open my abilities and use the in my daily life, as much as I don't like crowds I do love helping people and animals. I would also like to explore possible past lives. Thanks for reading and giving any input you feel!!

06/21/15 05:08:50PM @erikarachel7:

Really cool that you are helping your girls to try and embrace their gift.

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