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hearing whistles

By 5wildponies, 2015-10-19

My 6 yearold was having a hard time sleeping so I let her lay with me for awhile the other night. Shortly before I had gone outside to get something out of the pickup. When I stepped onto the porch outside the back door there was the aroma heavy of cherry chapstick! My husband was with me and he smelled it too. We went to the pickup and when we came back, the smell was gone. After my daughter laid down in my bed i was in the bathroom and she asked me if I whistled at her. I said no, she asked if I heard the whistle. I had not. I came in to lay down next to her and then there was a whistle come from behind me, clear as day. My daughters eyes got wide and she asked me again if I had heard that. I did and let her know that i had heard it too. She said I think it is a spirit mom. Why do they keep bothering me? My question is, I guess, do they whistle frequently to get someone's attention? I have never had anyone whistle. My husband stayed up later that night to let our daughter sleep with me for awhile, he came in asking if she was talking in her sleep because he heard someone talking! He is an empath like both myself and the girls. It seems that activitiy is growing around us tho and some of these things are new to us! I was unsure where to post this. Any ideas or thoughts are welcome! Thanks.

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felling like vibrating....

By 5wildponies, 2015-10-17

I have a question. Both my daughter and myself are empathic. She I think is a bit more. However, both of us experience feelings of complete body vibrations frequently when we are either relaxed or laying down to sleep. She has brought it to my attention when it is happening to her and I cannot feel it and I have brought it to my husband's attention and he can not feel it. It seems to be completely internal. Is this a part of our gifts or some other scientifical reason?

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missed call from a deceased person?!

By 5wildponies, 2015-07-01

Today I was out doing chores. I came in to a missed call from a number I did not recognize, but knew it was from a town I moved from a year ago. I called the number back only to find out that it came from a couples home that I had taken care of while doing home health. The husband (whome I had known most of my life and my daughter loved) passed away this May. His wife, same as above, has aphasia and cannot speak any longer. She also does not use the phone. I spoke with her son who I have met. He explained that he too was out working when he came in and saw a missed call from my number twice to his home, yet he did not call me ever! The mother's phone is old and does not have numbers stored in it and I never called their home nor do I have their number stored on my phone! Their son was very confused (as am I). i ended the call by telling him to please tell his mom that i miss her and love her very much. Does anyone have any feelings about this? I am wondering if her husband had anything to do with this? Or just what the heck is going on!! Thanks for any thoughts!

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Just a few more questions

By 5wildponies, 2015-06-16

Ok. All my life I have not really fit with any group of people. I get along just fine, takes me a long time to get comfortable enough to let people into my life. I really do prefer animals and ranch life, in the middle of nowhere! i cannot handle crowds well at all. Recently I met a person who identified me immediately, as well as my two girls, as empaths. I was shocked, but so happy to finally have someone to talk to about our life situations. She gave me a small chunck of obsidian rock to carry with me. I am a caregiver by trade, have been for more years than I can count. I deal with veterans, all whome have mental disorders as well as physical. This obsidian has been a lifesaver for me! The day I started carrying it I felt much less pain and much less emotion, I could do my job with a smile again, and go home without being so onry to my family. I carry it almost always now. I saged my home for the first time a week ago. My youngest has slept every night since through the night without nightmares or spirits keeping her up. She came to me extatic telling me "mom, the blue girl didn't bother me last night and the lights quite flashing in my room"!! I am doing my best to learn about my own abilities which seem to be opening up right now and support my children. My 6 yearold is all over learning about her gifts, but my teenager is not so much! I will help the as they want and need. I am not a pushy person. If they embrace it fantastic, if not that's okay too. I recently have been having clairvoyant times with strangers as they go buy, no real attachment or knowledge of them at all, at all at whim. I don't go searching to practice my gifts. I also have feelings and am unsure of the nature of them, then within hours I meet someone dealing with something completely explaining all of my feelings as theirs. Learning to discern these is a challenge for me! I can usually figure out that it is not my feelings especially when i'm driving and for no good reason my mood changes dramatically. I'm not sure I have any real questions or am just so happy to still keep reading everyone's posts and being able to relate that I just want to talk!! I want to open my abilities and use the in my daily life, as much as I don't like crowds I do love helping people and animals. I would also like to explore possible past lives. Thanks for reading and giving any input you feel!!

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So many questions!

By 5wildponies, 2015-06-03

Occasionally I look at a person and can see their life unfold in my mind as if I'm looking at a photo album. What is that called and it's purpose? I am excited to find a place where I can openly ask questions without being scoffed at!

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