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What are some good books about spiritual topics that would intrigue your "typical" empath? Or authors that write on such topics?

10/29/15 12:19:58AM @parisa:

Anything by Dolores Cannon or Abraham Hicks (Ask and It's Given is a good one by Abraham Hicks) are fascinating to me! Books by Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle might also interest you. Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani is one that people keep saying is life changing and amazing. I watched a few of her lectures and interviews about her book and I cannot wait to read her book. It sounds so amazing! All of these authors have tons of recorded lectures and videos on YouTube so you can see what they're all about before choosing which books to read. Happy reading! :)

10/29/15 06:01:34AM @ecila:

Tastes in reading material will vary greatly among empaths. There is a reading group on this forum but it is fairly inactive. Some of my favorite writers are Herman Hesse (Sidhartha Damien), Albert Camus (the Stranger, the Plague, the Fall), George MacDonald (Lilith), Richard Bach (JL Seagull), Eliphas Levi (History of Magic, Transcendental Magic), Israel Regardie (Tree of Life), Buddha.