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Our Purpose

Started by seanw4202 in The Empath Life. Last reply by Goodenergyhealing 38 minutes ago. 1 Reply

I typed a reply to another post I feel may give some food for thought I stopped watching TV, listening to the radio, completely turned off social media, no Facebook, no twitter, no Instagram... Everything about the government, borders, nations, war, politics, and money are useless and debilitating to world unity (not world peace) I have a conscious knowing of the balance that consumes the universe, and I believe as empaths it is our divine curse to take part in the continuous evolution of human…Continue

empaths and your parents; some questions for you.

Started by Tonyvancity in The Empath Life. Last reply by Goodenergyhealing 2 hours ago. 3 Replies

hello! i am curious to know from other empaths here what is/was your relationship like with your parents?I tell you about mine: my mother and father are very different from each other. My father was and still is very selfish, showed next to zero affection towards myself or my mother, was very negative in terms of how he spoke to his family and basically had no interest in his wife or children other then providing the basics of food, clothing and shelter. In a nutshell, just an A-Hole. I…Continue

Simple Meditation Techniques

Started by annalee23luv in The Empath Life. Last reply by AutumnLeaves 8 hours ago. 1 Reply

I just thought I'd share my simple way of meditating. It's easy, if you don't mind showering with your eyes closed. Just keep your eyes shut and focus on your feet planted on the shower floor.I find it best to first prepare by making sure shampoo and conditioner etc. are in a comfortable reach, then I turn the water on, and close my eyes.If you feel a little dizzy, focus on your feet. Shower meditating with your eye sight unavailable is a great way to force yourself to use your other senses…Continue

Where are we all from?

Started by Paul Watkiss in The Empath Life. Last reply by pebble 9 hours ago. 52 Replies

I live in Salisbury, Wiltshire and not far from Stonehenge and Avebury. Are there any U.K. empaths here?Continue

Harambe the gorilla

Started by dariasdouble212 in The Empath Life 10 hours ago. 0 Replies

I read about this a couple hours ago. Here's a link: gorilla was shot and killed at a zoo when a 4 year old boy climbed into the enclosure. I'm upset that the mother didn't do her job. I'm upset that yet another beautiful creature has lost its life because of human stupidity (RE: Cecil the Lion, Yellowstone bison calf) I almost…Continue

Tags: condolences, offering, kingdom, Animal

Disillusioned about human nature

Started by AutumnLeaves in The Empath Life. Last reply by water_lily 11 hours ago. 25 Replies

Hi everyoneSorry for the negativity of this post, but I just need to get it off my chest. Please let me know if you've experienced what I'm going through and how you've dealt with it. The past few months for me have been quite difficult. After spending my whole life as an idealist who believes in the best and wants to help people (INFJ personality type), I've gone through nothing short of a 'personality change'. It's as though my 'rose-colored glasses' have been ripped off me, and all I can see…Continue

I wish I could understand more

Started by Kate in The Empath Life. Last reply by Rene' 15 hours ago. 1 Reply

It is so complicated I don't even know very well where to start with. First of all, I am worried about what I can generate. I have some powerful energies running under the surface and I can influence the people around me the same way that i can be influenced as well, and it took me years to learn to control and reduce my "sponginess" and inclination to attract the negative energies in a social setting or environment. Coincidentally, I've always had a big need to express myself artistically or…Continue

Empaths at work

Started by Azahara A. Garcia in The Empath Life. Last reply by HeidiAnn 15 hours ago. 3 Replies

Hi everyoneI hope you are well. I can normally deal with being an empath in this crazy world but these days it feels as if I´m going to lose my bearings, especially at work. I have recently been promoted to an office manager role, which is incredibly demanding as people come to me for every little problem. It is a really good job, but people are so needythat I have started to withdraw and relate to colleagues only about work. If I give them anything personal, I fear they´ll tear me apart and it…Continue

Empath super powers

Started by AutumnLeaves in The Empath Life. Last reply by Crownite 18 hours ago. 2 Replies

Here's a thought - I believe that whatever positive trait we have, we possess the negative aspect to the same degree, and vice versa. For example, as much as we have the capacity for hate, we have the capacity for love; as much as we have the capacity to be weak, we have the capacity to be strong. I believe us empaths possess a super power, in that we have a profound ability to absorb and be influenced by the energy around us. Well, the flip side to this is a profound ability to project and…Continue

At the restaurant yesterday

Started by Wedgie in The Empath Life. Last reply by Wedgie yesterday. 4 Replies

I had a dinner yesterday with my sis and my dad, along with one of my uncle and his wife. While we were having our meal (it was in honour of my past away mother, god rest her soul) and suddenly my uncle was moking my food choice saying, oh you have that damn problem? so he again mocked me saying in a mocking smile; are you allergic to chocolate too? or desert? (this was not the place or time to be in a evil way funny or making fun my food choices. I mean I saw his face, that says it all, and my…Continue

Tags: family

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Posted by The shadow and the Light. on May 20, 2016 at 11:33am 0 Comments

why hello everyone out of everything today i finally decided to do some work on this site and hide in the library all day how is everyone

Crystal/Stone Waters for Empaths

Posted by Moonchild on May 19, 2016 at 9:00am 1 Comment

Hello All!  I was posting to a discussion earlier regarding gems…


Self-Love is very important video

Posted by Daydra on May 18, 2016 at 8:21am 1 Comment

Hello friends :) I have created a youtube page where I share my thoughts/opinions on different topics. Please feel free to subscribe and share my videos with friends. Here is a video I did a few weeks ago about Self- Love. I hope you enjoy and…


On Being Empathic

Posted by Paul Watkiss on May 16, 2016 at 1:08pm 1 Comment

On Being Empathic........

I'm not keen on labels or words that identify traits ( although I understand that they are necessary in terms of describing people etc) as individuals are always so much more than a collection of unlinked… Continue


Posted by Rose on May 8, 2016 at 7:18am 0 Comments

I know that everything you say has power and you have to say things carefully and not invoke your will on others.Well I dun goofed.On several occasions in my life bad things have happened if I willed them to of course they come with consequences and… Continue

How to control my overthinking whenever i feel someones energy??

Posted by Ggabster4227 on May 4, 2016 at 8:43pm 2 Comments

I'm constantly finding myself on a daily basis overthinking situations whenever i feel someones energy. This doesn't always happen, but most of them time I find myself overthinking and I try my hardest to stop and go with my gut instinct. I…


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