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Rene'' Fake People and Empaths

in Empath
I use to struggle with this. Their not full blown narcissist but they are fake. Before I gained some control over other people's rollercoaster of emotions , I gave in..a lot ..almost every time. Those people that always was either emotional wrecks or...
Posted: Friday October 28 2016, 7:25 AM   By: @Paul

Rene'' My experience

in Meditations
I just finished my nightly meditation and I went into real deep relaxing meditation so I could sleep good tonight but as I got to the lowest point and barely breathing , I started hearing a water fall and tears started rolling down my cheeks then they...
Posted: Friday October 28 2016, 6:34 AM   By: @HermesHH

Leafherder HSP - TED talk

in Empath
I thought this was worth a share.
Posted: Friday October 28 2016, 6:03 AM   By: @Bookworm

Amaya Psychic Development Workshop: Psychic Protection - The Bubble Method

in Develop Your Skills
Note: This discussion thread is part of a series. Find the series index here. One of the most basic and well-founded concerns that emerging psychics have is how to keep out unwanted information and energy. Somewhere along the line, like many empaths, I...
Posted: Friday October 28 2016, 5:29 AM   By: @Paul

Renee Do you give advice?

in Empath
Hey, Just wanting to get some general feedback about giving people advice in the general public - people your connected to, not strangers, but not necessarily close people. do you tend to give it or not if they haven't specifically asked "do you have advice...
Posted: Friday October 28 2016, 4:59 AM   By: @Renee

bunnigirl When an empath is around another empath

in Empath
I know of an empath who just came into my life several months ago.  There is a definite intensity and it takes over and I am not sure if it is me or this other person feeling it or if it is mutual.  I can be within a few miles of them (without thinking of...
Posted: Friday October 28 2016, 4:31 AM   By: @bunnigirl

Kate Interpreting warning signs

in Empath
I just want to start by saying "Just because it could be worse, doesn't mean it couldn't be better" And from this, ask a question about myself, or rather said, ourselves in general. I know we are highly sensitive people (though I am wondering whether we...
Posted: Friday October 28 2016, 3:10 AM   By: @Kate

Steffck Strange thing happening to mee

in Empath
Hi .. I don't know what's going on and it's nothing new to me but lately it's much stronger .. I am really in knots , feel like I m going to burst at times. When I come near a radio it's gets scrambled, atm quit working, every car I have driven last couple...
Posted: Friday October 28 2016, 1:51 AM   By: @HermesHH

Rene'' My crystals are lifeless

in Tools for Empaths
Except for my clear QuartzI have been using my crystals every day since February. I cleansed them with sage then soaked them for 10 days outside in sea salt then dedicated each one of them. No one one except myself have touched them. They feel like there...
Posted: Thursday October 27 2016, 10:42 PM   By: @Burleigh_surfer

Lucky Seven Empath and multiple food allergies?

in Empath
Hi all, I have got multiple food allergies. I tested with muscle testing and rice, lactose, sugar(shouldn't be for anyone anyway)...and currently, I feel yeast is really bad, too. (also, some chemicals, I don't know but I get very sick after eating some...
Posted: Thursday October 27 2016, 7:20 PM   By: @HermesHH

Rene'' Are we deemed to Hell?

in Christian Empaths
This discussion is not to scare or turn you from any religion. This discussion is not to bash Christianity or any alike religion. It's not to be ugly to each other and our beliefs. Its about opening your mind and thoughts. I really like to hear from some...
Posted: Thursday October 27 2016, 7:09 PM   By: @dproper

Lucky Seven Reiki and energy overload

in Empath
Hi all, I have got a big headache and I assume this is energy overload. I occasionally experience it. This time, I took Reiki session to treat my scoliosis. Actually, I asked a psychic about Reiki and she told it would cause energy overload. When I...
Posted: Thursday October 27 2016, 6:39 PM   By: @Lucky Seven

atomiclez Getting through high school.

in Empath
Only in the past few years have I known that I am an empath, and only recently have I begun the arduous psychological changes that happen at sixteen. Despite my empathetic understanding of the world, I feel lost among it. I feel unable to show my true self...
Posted: Thursday October 27 2016, 3:15 PM   By: @atomiclez

EliseLebeau Welcome New Web Site Early Birds!

in Empath
The site is up and running but I'm holding off sending email notification to everyone.  I'd rather try to fix problems with a small group of people than thousands! I have spent over 80 hours in the last 7 days to get the website as close as possible to...
Posted: Thursday October 27 2016, 10:26 AM   By: @SpirtuallyAwake

KitKat Lucky in Love?

in Empath
Hi I have found myself in the past falling in love with someone getting involved in a relationship only to discover. I was feeling their love for me and mistaking it for my own. Mainly due to the fact they would make the first move or at least make their...
Posted: Thursday October 27 2016, 6:17 AM   By: @Rose3

Kenya Car crash dream came true

in Dreams
Two nights ago I had a dream in which I was involved in a horrible car crash but I survived the crash, it felt so real and it was absolutely insane. Yesterday I found out there was a crash in the same freeway my dream took place, two young guys died on the...
Posted: Thursday October 27 2016, 12:23 AM   By: @HermesHH

Burleigh_surfer still wondering about the glow

in Psychic and Paranormal
In 2011 a man visited me at work delivering soil for the nursery I worked for. He was a very thin man with a grey pony tail about 45 and a very high vibration, he made my heart chakra buzz but my stomach knot. I walked over to him to ask if he needed help....
Posted: Wednesday October 26 2016, 9:31 PM   By: @HermesHH

Renee medicine bag for empaths

in Tools for Empaths
hey all i am looking to create a medicine bag as such that i can kind of carry around with me (in handbag) so whilst out and about I'm prepped and ready for whatever may come my way! haha i know strange, but i do know of alot of people who do similar so its...
Posted: Wednesday October 26 2016, 7:37 PM   By: @Cat Whisperer

Yaji Is it a wise idea to wear more than one gemstone?

in Tools for Empaths
More than one gemstone as in more than one type...like instead of wearing only adventurine, we wear other gemstones as well? I have seen people wearing two gemstone bracelets on one hand, both different ones. It's just that in my opinion, when I wear more...
Posted: Wednesday October 26 2016, 7:29 PM   By: @Lucky Seven

Bing Are You an Old Soul ?

in Library of Light
HI This little quizwas sent to me by an empath friend from South Africa.A lot of you are going to find this very on point for you. It isn't so much a test as a validation of some of the things that are running through your mind and that you see as part of...
Posted: Wednesday October 26 2016, 6:03 PM   By: @HermesHH

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I just met someone 2 days ago and I find out she's a Virgo(Im a Sag) ...I really feel like we could work something out but, a part of me doesn't like the fact that she is one of my Least favorite Zodiac signs because both of my parents are Virgo(August and...
You can't choose who you love.Someone I feel like being an empath makes me love everyone and everything.So I fall so hard when I do.I met another empath I starting to hate meeting them because I always seem to fall head over heel for one.It's like feeling...
He passed away 1 month ago, and he keeps showing in my dreams, but I usually have the need to decode the dream into separate parts and I knew exactly what he wanted to say today.  He was dressed in a black tuxedo, his mustache was dyed black and I know he...

Clues in my Dreams?

I've learn to read the Clues that appear in my Dreams, over the past year, and it has been quite interesting.  I have been looking for a girlfriend for months, and I recently had a dream, that I met a girl at a mall. she was pretty and shy, I didn't know...
Mythical Spark

New Member

I guess I should say hello and give a few words about myself and why I'm here. I guess I should say that just someone who's looking to learn something about themselves, I guess that's why I'm here.  I think that I may be an empath or have some empath...

Energy from electronics

I had two panic attacks today. I have been having them more frequently again lately. There are many factors, and often times there are obvious reasons. Today, though, it seemed they came out of nowhere. I was thinking about my history of anxiety, and my...
I discovered that I am an empath a year ago. And since then my sensitivities seem to be getting stronger by the week. I am around groups of people often at work and at home. And being out and about can often make me anxious and feel really drained. I heard...
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